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Week 8 dilemma

I posted a blog at the weekend regarding a dilemma with week 8 - I had done run 1 saturday afternoon but had to stop after fifteen minutes - first time ever! since I started the long runs.

I have not done a run since saturday. I am on annual leave now until next week and was planning to go for a run outside today (wednesday) however it is raining!

If it clears up I may go to the gym and do it on the treadmill but otherwise dont really want to go out again today.

Would it really hurt to wait until saturday and just repeat the week. I am not in a hurry to complete the C25k programme. Would rather not repeat a week but would like to do week 8 in its entirety.

I am concerned the longer I leave between run one and doing run 2 I will lose fitness.

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I don't think you will lose fitness if you have a week rest, suspect it is more mentally that we think if we have a week off we won't be able to do it than physically. I had a week off and it didn't really effect my progress. Believe and you will be able to start back where you left off!! Good Luck what ever you decide.


Don't worry about leaving days between runs - there are lots of people on here who have had great runs after an enforced rest. Enjoy some down time and regain your mojo to tackle week 8. Good luck! :)


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