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I have three options with regards to week 8:

1) Do I do run 2 of week 8 on the treadmill on tuesday then rest until saturday and then do run 3 then rest sun before starting week 9 on monday? or

2) Do I do run 2 but leave out run 3 and repeat week 8 starting saturday afternoon as I usually do or

3) Leave C25k until saturday and repeat the week from the beginning

I'll admit I am torn between option 2 and 3 although the latter is more attractive as do not really want to repeat week 8 unless necessary.

Have noticed some people have blogged about weight loss or lack of it! I have not lost anything since the first 3lbs in my first week of C25k - not sure if this is because I am eating more because the running is making me hungry or thinking the running will burn off any extra calories* or both. It is starting to get me down to the point where I feel like giving ww up as I dont want to track for the rest of my life even though it has worked up until recently possibly due to my mind thinking the latter*

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I think that all of those are options, but I would go for option one, R2 on Tuesday, R3 on Saturday and start W9 on Monday. I don't know your schedule, but I agree about not repeating weeks unnecessarily. I also don't care for the thought of skipping runs. They are there for a reason. I don't completely understand how the program works, but it does and I don't like fiddling with it.

Granted, option one throws in a couple of extra rest days between R2 and R3, but I enjoy rest!! I think a nice wine or ale on one of those rest days would be a wonderful addition to the program and well earned since you have made it to week 8!! :-)

Just my two cents...

Keep Running!! :-)



Hey ebony2012,

Not too sure of your schedule but why not run W8R2 on Tuesday, R3 on Thursday and then start week 9 on Saturday? Is there a reason you need to start the next week on Monday?

And as for your weight loss, there was a very very good (and scientific) post on here a few months ago ( that said that when you take up a new exercise plan (like C25k), it can sometimes take your body 12 weeks to realise what's happening and for it to let go of the weight its storing.

Before starting an exercise plan, your body is used to storing x amount of calories from your food. As you start running, your body still thinks you're going to stop and will retain those calories but after a period of time (upto 12 weeks later) it'll realise that this is a long term thing and stop storing them. It then resets / re-evaluates what it needs to store and the weight starts to come off.

I've read for a fair few people on this forum that the weight loss doesn't start until after C25k has finished, but it DOES start!

Keep at it, it will happen & enjoy the running :)


I'd go with Steve's suggestion.

get your runs in while you can and enjoy any enforced rest days


yep, I'd go with option 1 as well. A couple of extra days until you can do the third run won't hurt (in fact, your body may appreciate it) and you shouldn't repeat a week unless you physically need to.


I'm only about to start week 5 so I may not appreciate what you are going through quite the same, but I'd choose option 1 as well so that I could keep progressing forward.

However on the weight loss side I definitely wouldn't worry about nothing shifting at the moment. I'm sure it will start to go if you carry on running. (Unless, of course, your extra eating is all the high calorie goodies!). Over the years I've been to ww and sw and found they've both worked as I behave myself knowing I'm going to be weighed by a stranger each week. I haven't been to either for a few years and am now eating sensibly and in 7 weeks, (I started before C25K), I have lost 4 pounds. This is nothing compared to the change in my diet and the amount of exercise I'm taking but I'm happy because I know it will drop off eventually so long as I behave myself. I'm having treats but only when I have really earned them and not just snacking whenever I feel the urge. Snacks are now always fruit. Also at the moment my motivation is so high as I'm doing something a little public next year and I don't want to let myself down. However when my motivation isn't so high my old habits creep back in and I have the odd extra now and again, then again, then again and soon the stones have gone back on.

So, my advice as to whether you give up ww or not would depend on how much you gain from simply going to be weighed each week. I understand how demoralising it can be when you go each week and lose a whole nothing. We can do it without classes but it can be hard. How motivated are you without the classes? Only you know the answer to that. Whichever you choose I know you will succeed because you have been determined enough to get to week 8, so I know you can do anything. :-)

Good luck with your decision.


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