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Week 9, Run 2 - Damn you Bad Run!!!

Week 9, Run 2 - Damn you Bad Run!!!

I just had a feeling that today was going to be 'one of those runs'. To start with it was VERY dark this morning, it decided to rain (then had to hunt around the house for my hat!) and just as I was leaving the house I felt a twinge in at the top of my thigh. To top things off, my endomondo app was being weird and wouldn't display the total time I had been running! (Very frustrating!)

During the warm up walk the twinge in my thigh subsided and I was able to start the run without to much bother.

I have to say, its not getting any easier but I kept going even though my breathing was shocking today and just couldn't get my breath. I amended my route slightly to try and end nearer to home but it didn't didn't pay off today.

Towards the end of my run, the twinge in my thigh got much worse and I had to stop a few minutes before the end of the run (gutted) I knew I had to stop otherwise I would make it much worse but nonetheless I'm still frustrated.

I'm still in a bit of pain now and when I walk I'm getting the occasional sharp twinge down my leg. Hopefully I days rest will help me :-)

Going my past experience, I Bad run is usually followed by an exceptionally good run which bodes well for my graduation run on either Friday or Saturday.

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It happens, no big deal - disappointing - but it is "more miles" behind you.

Now go do your much deserved Graduation run.



I like the way you think spud! :-)

Look how far you've came Clare! No beating yourself up! Just rest and relax and prepare for that awesome Grad run!!!! :-) I was very disappointed in not being better then I was at Graduation...all in all, if we look at the big picture, it is truly amazing what we are doing at Graduation time!

Do allow yourself as long as you need between runs if you're still having pain. :-(

Best wishes, popping the cork and getting ready to celebrate! Gayle


Going along the lines of the quote in your picture Clare, dont beat yourself up about it but you made a GOOD decision in that you stopped when you felt the pain. I know you have had your fair share of aches and pains whilst getting to week 9 so you dont need lectures on how to deal with it but I do feel your frustration. I really do hope that a few days of rest will result in that exceptionally good run for your graduation. Cant wait to hear you have done it!! Roll on W9R3!! Woo hoo!

Sue x

p.s. I downloaded Ruth Fields' book to my kindle this morning; it looks good and fun!


I've read it, and still use some of the mantras and ideas from it now when I'm jogging along.


You did most of the run and there is definately no point in running with an injury you would only make it worse, have a good rest day or 2 if you need to then run 3 wow how fantastic. Good Luck and I'm looking forward to reading how well it went


Thanks guys :-) I've started to except that bad runs happen from time to time. Still getting the occasional twinge but nothing to bad.

I'm looking forward to joining the club and having that green badge by my name :-)


Clare - well done for even going out today! I should have done the same run as you this morning but when I heard the rain pounding on the roof I went back to bed! So you're brilliant for persevering in my opinion! Hope the next run goes brilliantly for you.


Hope the twinge is gone soon and you have a great graduation run!


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