Suddenly I can't do it anymore?! Anyone else struggle at week 6?

Last week I got a real buzz when I finished week 5 which is a 20 minute run (or jog in my case). I just got back from week 6, 1st run, which on paper is a lot easier 5 mins then 8 mins then 5 mins again, I got to nearly midway through the 6mins and had to stop. I felt sick and hot and a dizzy. an hour later my face is still burning. It was like I hadn't done weeks 2 to 5. I can't understand, I feel really down about it. I am 40 with a heart condition but I'm not sure that's got anything to do with it. Did anyone else hit a wall where they couldn't go on?


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  • This is very common! Loads of us struggled with W6 - at least you know you're not alone :)

  • Could it be the heat? Big change in temp here since last week. Am thinking I might change to become an evening adventurer. Am starting w4 tmrw. Hope you feel better and well done for getting to w6! What an achievement.

  • 98% of people have the same problem. Do a search on W6R1

  • Dont underestimate Week seems to be there for a reason...

    Agree it was very hot for running today, and maybe you started a bit too fast..

    Treat it with respect, you are working up to something great...good luck next time you try it and keep things slow and steady.😊x

  • Don't talk to me about week 6! :(

    I'm not enjoying it either. I'm making my third attempt at R3 today!

  • This isn't an attempt it's the last time you're doing it. Slow and steady. We're all cheering you on. With each step imagine the gremlin getting stomped on!

  • Haha I would have liked to confirm this, Carolinemcd, but it was another attempt. Managed more minutes than last time though, and am proud of getting out there again. Slowly but steadily I'll make it, I do want to keep enjoying it or I will give up at some point.

  • It will happen

  • Slow down and crush it... :)

  • It's the worst run ever!! But it's a necessary evil and it prepares you for run 3. That elation from doing w5r3 is what gets you through it. Thankfully it's just the one. Run 2 is better :D

  • I hear ya! Just finished W6R1 earlier today and also found it tough at times. I did a Park Run on Saturday and managed to run for 30 mins at a nice slow pace. Today W6R1 felt really tough. I completed it OK but had pins and needles on my right foot after the 8 min run. I just could not get into a comfortable stride either. Your not alone.

  • Loads of folk struggled with it :) Loads :) It up-ends so many folk,,, really !

    So... take a rest... then a big breath and when you head out again.. you do it as slow as a slow snail on a slow day!

    Image that wall...and with every slow steady step you take you are going to walk right through two three, four, one,two,three, four...slow, slow, slow, slow... Breathe and relax into the run...:) An early run could help.. pleasant and cool before 7.30 a.m. :)

  • I agree with the heat being a set back as I too did W6R1 today and struggled more than W5R3. I went very red in the face and had to do the snail pace but maintained a jog stylie run. I think R2 on Wednesday will be early am to avoid the heat, there will also be fewer people around to see the red face ; ) Good luck

  • Just back from Week6 Run 1, really felt the heat, and wished I drunk a lot more water today. First time I've had wobbly legs at the end of a run 😐

  • Keep hearing an ad on my local free radio station, a free diver said that every time he thinks he reaches his limit, a door opens and the limit is not there anymore. I picture my wall with a door in now and when I get to run 6 I will hopefully have the key for it. You will find the key too Carrie, if not you will kick the door down. Keep going and believe in yourself!!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • W6 is a stretch, mostly because on paper it looks like it should be easier - why?

    The walking intervals. We all look at the runs and discount the walking intervals. When you walk your pace may slow but you are not standing still or resting. The walking intervals are an intrinsic part of building your stamina, so trust the programme.

    W6 gets inside your head. From here on out it is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. But, you know what - you've dot this πŸ˜€

  • Definitely a common problem - you will overcome!

  • Week 6 is the one that really challenged us all. The weather has been quite warm recently so make sure you are hydrated before you run and slow down your pace, it is easy at this stage to start off too fast. Take some water with you when you run in warm weather too. Stick with it, you will get through this week & in a few weeks will look back & wonder why you found it so tough. Xx

  • I agree with other posters that week 6 seems a bit of a test. I also struggled with the first two runs.

    Just finished R3 last night and it was great. I went very slowly for the first 15 minutes, to save energy for the last part, and I think that made all the difference.

    My suggestions are - avoid running when it's very hot, make sure you are well hydrated before you start, and run ridiculously slowly till the halfway point, then psychologically, you know you are on the homeward stretch.

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