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Under Starters Orders!

Well, I completed Week 1, Run 1 last night and am feeling very chuffed with myself!

I found the Couch to 5K site from a link on HotUKDeals, and I thought that it would be perfect for me. I've always said that I'm not a runner, whilst secretly wishing that I could, so I'm going to give this programme a go and see what happens...

I ventured out into the cold, dark night with the thought that as least no-one could see me puffing away. I didn't know how I would cope, especially as I struggled after the 2nd run, but I did get through right to the end. I've never run this far ever in my life, but I found that being told when to run and when to walk really helped. I am using Endomondo as I really like seeing the stats about how far I ran and my speed. Onwards and upwards!

The day after my run, and my long leg muscles are sore, and I realise that my trainers fit badly on the top of my shoe, so I will have to try a different pair tomorrow.

Lets hope the weather is kind tomorrow!

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Well done on getting started I always said "I'm not a runner" too but I am just back from a 5K!!

One peice of advice, make sure you stretch after runs

I do calves by balancing on ball of each foot & dipping heels down for 20 secs or so.

Heel then on 3rd step up & lean into that foot to stretch hamstring (again from 20 secs or so)

Then stand up straight, bend knee & catch foot behind you to stretch abductor (I think it is called) - again for about 20 secs

You don't need to stretch much, but I find a real difference & lots of aches the day after if I forget!!!

If anyone who knows what they are talking about re muscles etc please feel free to correct anything above

Good luck - we'll be watching out for your progress


Welcome aboard, Cookie!! I hope that you find that this program is just what you need to become the runner that you hope to be!! You have already taken the steps that I consider to be the hardest in the program...the ones from the couch to the door!! :-)

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome Cookie! You have every reason to feel chuffed - you have got off the couch and ran! In the dark and cold!! W1R1 - done! You will find lots of encouragement here so keep letting us all know of your progress, the highs and lows, and there will always be someone who has gone through what you are going through-guaranteed!

I know its early days but it is worth getting a gait analysis done to see what the best shoes are for you. You will read here time and time again how some have suffered before getting the correct shoes and the big difference it can make to aches and pains in your legs and joints. Also, do the stretches as Spud says - it all helps to stay injury free.

Best of luck for R2!



Well done for starting. It really works. Before I started I got my gait analysed, and bought a new pair of trainers. I then bought the least flattering bra you have ever seen, no jiggling about for me! Both have worked and I should graduate on my next run. Just keep at it, if you have a blip, go back and pick it up again. It has made a huge difference to my weight, to my mental health and to my self esteem. Keep running.


Welcome aboard, Cookie!


WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! Great advice already given to you! We are here for anything you might need, advice or a nice virtual (((hug)) :-) Wishing you well!!! Gayle


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