W9R2 completed and may I talk knickers?

Have completed run 2 of my final week and although quite slow, mainly due to a reluctant dog, managed well and was not too out of breath by the end. My calves do ache a bit but apart from that all is well. Apart that is from a bit of a knicker problem... No matter which pair of knickers I wear big, small, massive they all seem to have a tendency to ride up and become well alittle uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they managed to solve it...

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  • Hi

    This is very easily solved......under most keep fit gear, they are not necessary !!! Problem, gone :)

  • Hi Rolphie

    Although i am a bloke, i agree with carole and tend not to wear undies. It is deffo more comfy!

  • Well done, Rolphie!! I think that I will leave your knickers alone and just wish you the very best for your final run of the program. I can almost see that lovely "Graduate" badge already!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • It would't occur to me to go knicker-less! I just wear snug but not too snug Bridget JOnes type nix and have never had any "riding up" issues lol! I have just experience my first bra strap chafing injuries which I noticed after yesterday's trail run GRRR!

  • Oooh mine don't ride up they fall down and i spend most of my time trying to hoick them p whilst looking inconspicuous :-) No sure i fancy going comando though

  • If you dont try, you will never know :-). Ed

  • Well done rolphie! Can you believe it? ONLY 1 MORE RUN!!!!!!! Getting the bubbly chilled for a celebration!!!!! Please blog after you get back to let me know how the run went...along with the biggest question of all...did you stick with the knickers or go knickerless???? ;-)

    As for me, I wear knickers! What if a seam should rip out and leave my knickerless bumm exposed or what if I collapse and emergency workers arrive to find me knickerless? I may get brave someday to try, but for now I remain fully knickered! ;-) Gayle

  • Thanks for the advice, not sure I can go knickerless, would be too worried might split /rip running tights! Final run on Saturday so will let you know x :-)

  • Well done rolphie, nearly there!

    You could always invest in some running briefs though a bit pricey; sure this would solve the problem. I have gone knickerless before but now its colder I like to keep my "bits" a bit less exposed to the elements!!


  • First of all, good luck for your graduation run! As to the knicker question, they have to be Bridget Jones-type for me, and I wouldn't be happy running knickerless in case of - well, anything, really!

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