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W8R1 done

Had hoped to do W8R1 in daylight but,as ever, life conspired against me. First run I can honestly say felt very comfortable. Still very slow but mainly because of the dark. Would like to find another route but that will have to wait for a weekend when I can see. There are no street lights if I deviate from my existing route so will explore in the daylight.

Seriously considered giving up until after winter but there is this stubborn little voice in my head saying "Don't be a wimp, get out there". Mental attitude definitely harder than the physical side at the moment. Let's hope that little voice in my head keeps winning!

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It's rotten if you're finding it difficult to run in the dark along unlit routes. I've heard some people on here using head lamps to help them out - have you considered something like that? Perhaps if you post it as a question you'll get other people's experiences which would help you. You sound very determined which is great! Also, have you access to a treadmill nearby - not nearly so much fun but it might help keep you on track, as it were!


Thanks for that. I usually just hold a torch in my hand but will try a headlamp. No access to a treadmill but really don't think I'd stick with it if I had to use one. Used one in the past and didn't like it much. Will just have to knuckle down and get on with it and do the best I can until the better weather comes around again. Thanks, again.


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