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Wk8r2 done!! yipee.. on the road in the rain!!


i bit the bullet so to speak, was sitting looking out at the rain feeling really disappointed, really wanted to challenge myself today. so it seemed to clear off a little so high viz on, off i went. did my 5 min warm up walk and off i went, within 5 mins the heavens opened, but i said to myself, even if i turn back i am still going to get soaked through, so i ploughed on, through puddles upon puddles, multi-splashed by trucks, head down on i ran! never realised there were so many inclines on my route, but i took them on and conquered them 1 by 1, and finally laura said just 60 seconds left. my legs were like lead, and the rain was pouring off me, i must have look a mess as my neighbour passed me by in a car, reversed and asked me if i was ok and needed a lift home!! my voice barely audible i whispered no thanks, im fine.. nearly done. the route is just over 6k, so walked a little longer than the podcast,

so i did it!! i took on the hills accompanied by the rain!! by the time i got home i looked like i had being running through fields i was so dirty ( a lot of my route is country roads and very muddy)

Feeling very very very proud of myself right now :)

this is a route that i would have walked lots of times.. never in my wildest dreams did i think id ever run it.

sorry for long rant, but im home alone and have no one to rant to!!

thanks for all your support :)

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That is so fantastic well done!!! I did W5R3 today and am feeling proud of myself too so I know just how you feel. The bit about the neighbour is funny, they may come round and check up on you later! ;)

But really, very impressive!

scavoGraduate in reply to Minuette

yeah my neighbour looked concerned he he, i probably would have been concerned too if i could have seen myself :) but my picture in my head of how i looked was of a really slim fit runner (instead of the overweight red faced mess that i actually was) but hey.. a girl can deam right?


Lol, yes, I see all these skinny runners and I always mentally imagine I'm there too, but then I catch sight of myself in the hall mirror with my kit on and realise the reality is not quite the same!!!


scavoGraduate in reply to CaroleC

all in good time carole!! maybe.. someday.. we might be 1 of those fit looking skinny runners?? here's to our dreams!! :)

A great post!

There's something very uplifting about running in the rain, and not caring that you might actually look like a drowned rat, because on the inside you feel like a bond girl!!

scavoGraduate in reply to TJFlute

i really did feel like a bond girl TJ.. but the reality was something quite different :)

Hey, that was great. I am reading this at my lunch break and giggling as I imagine the thoughts that went through your neighbours head when s/he saw you! Quite encouraging and will keep me going even when the weather doesnt cooperate.

scavoGraduate in reply to Maks

she must have thought that i had completely lost the plot!! soaked to the skin, rain dripping off my very red face, and my high vis vest (which is a builders one rather than a running one) says AC Contruction!!

oh what a sight

Well done for carrying on - I bet a few weeks ago you would have given up. This is determination and you have succeeded - Congratulations

scavoGraduate in reply to Susiejane

thanks susiejane :)

though im not sure my time is great yet, covered 3.8k in 28min run, not a hope yet of covering 5k in 30min, all in good time hopefully

AliB1Graduate in reply to scavo

Think that's pretty good. I'm on week 9 and did about 3.8km on run 1 and i did a bit longer than 30mins due to techincial issues. Once you can do 30 mins non stop you can the work towards covering 5km.

Loved the blog and the image of what must have been going through your neighbours mind.

scavoGraduate in reply to AliB1

Thanks AliB1.. thats good to know, am doing ok then, i always tend to be a bit hard on myself, but need to take stock of how far i have come. :)

Time is not everything - just getting to run initially is the challenge - You will get there with your determination. Can you remember what you were like on Week 1??

scavoGraduate in reply to Susiejane

so true susiejane.. i was a complete mess after wk1r1 thought i was never going to be able for the programme. yeah i know even thinking about time is fruitless really..


Well done! Have to say I love running in the rain, as long as it's not too cold. And who knows, maybe the drowned rat/construction jacket look might catch on!!

scavoGraduate in reply to CathCakes

ya know cath i think it just might!! :)

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