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Hurray!! Back to where I started!

I've done it - I'm back to where I was when I got injured. Today I completed W5 R2 and I felt good. Ankle still a bit sore but felt much more in the rhythm today. First half of the first 4 mins was a bit tricky but I think that was due to the cold. Once I got into it I felt good and in control. Feeling good and proud of myself. Tuesday is the dreaded W5R3 which I am feeling a little nervous of but as everyone says I've just got to have faith in the programme and myself! I'll let you know.

Have fun everyone. :-)


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Excellent well done, am sure you will be fine doing r3, just believe you can do it and you will be able to. Trust in Laura although her taste in music is dodgy!! Good luck you can do it:-)


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