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I've seen quite a few of you referring to this app and it's also suggested on Could someone tell me a little bit more about it please. How does it work? Is it easy to set up? How do you make sure that the music you are using has the correct beats per minute to help with pace? And anything else you think I might need to know. Thanks.


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Hi vikicats, I use this app all the time. Just download it from itunes (or whatever smartphone you use). Fill in some personal details such as height, weight etc. It is a GPS app which tracks your route, distance and pace and also calories used. It tells you each time you have completed a mile/KM and your pace.

You can run it alongside Laura so you have the best of both worlds. I don't use Laura anymore - I have my own playlist on itunes (I don't worry too much a bout beats per min, but just choose uplifting bouncy music) and I use this alongside the endomondo and get running apps.I find this works great for me.


Hi, it's so easy. You basically open it and press the start button. Then when you've finished again, press the stop button. Just remember to check it is set to running, cos my first time using clocked the slowest bike ride ever, lol. I listen to the c25k podcast on my mp3 player, and just carry my phone so endomondo can track my run. As far as I'm aware it will just run in the background, so wont interfere with listening to Laura. It can also post to fb if you let it. I do, because then everyone who doubted my ability to do this can see every time I run. It logs your distance, total workout time, time per mile/km, records the weather, the altitude, lets you know when you have a personal best, and is very accurate with the route charting. I love it, it's a brilliant free app and Allows you to see the improvements you are making. Thoroughly recommend!


for finding music with the right bpm is the place to go. You can put in your target speed and it will identify the tracks fpr you.


And this is good too - just tap the beat and it tells you how many bpm -


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