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Realising that real life isn't always a good enough excuse not to run!

Haven't posted in ages and had a pretty shocking month since my graduation to be honest. I had a little ankle injury but managed a run last Sunday which was a waste of time as I quit 20 minutes in. Since then I haven't been out running and I haven't wanted to. Instead I've sat on the couch and felt sorry for myself in between struggling to meet deadlines that are so impossible I don't know why I'm getting so stressed out by them.

It took 2 hours of procrastination this morning before I finally got out there. No podcasts, no garmin,no planned route, just music playing on shuffle and off I went. Before I knew it I had navigated my way back home thinking I hadn't done much again but mapped out my run and found I had done 5.2k in about 30 minutes give or take, so I'm pretty happy with that considering how much running I haven't been doing!

So I came on here for the first time in over a week thinking how well I had done despite such a horrid few weeks and the first blog I found was Vixie's about running despite losing her brother so suddenly. Well there's nothing like a bit of perspective to sort your head out and it made me realise how stupid, self-pitying and self indulgent I have been. Why would I deal with whatever issues are going on by NOT doing the one thing that was improving my life? So consider myself told! That's the last time I let real life stop me from getting out there and continuing to try to build a happy and healthier me!!

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Well done. I think we all have those feelings at some point and found it hard to get motivated and I think going on an unplanned route just for fun is a good way of sorting your head out.

I'm looking forward to my next run but not sure when it will be as I had a little operation under general anesthetic yesterday - will probably stick to a gentle jog with no pressure :-)


Welcome back Fraz - were wondering where you had been hiding!! It is hard sometimes to get the motivational juices flowing after a short break for whatever reason but hey, you did it, you got out there and you ran!! Bet you feel pleased with yourself now after making the effort and seeing the good result too.....

It's nice just to run for running's sake - no time pressures, no programmes to follow - just running cos it's good and makes you feel good!

So, as you have given yourself the hard talking to I wont repeat the experience but just want to say - keep going, keep running and keep blogging!

Sue x


Welcome back from me too Fraz - we all try to not let life get in the way. I agree with Sue, keep blogging, it is so therapeutic. And we are all reading and therefore listening and often answering too. We can all afford to take 40 minutes to ourselves despite life getting in the way.

Good luck and look forward to reading your posts.


Great you're back out there, keep it up¨Sometimes we need the bad times to help us sort ourselves out in the good times, if you see what I mean!

Let us know how it goes!


I also wondered where you were! It's funny that as you say, how easy it is to let the things we know do us good go first when we are struggling in other areas. When I can't face a run, I always keep in mind something I read on here, that you always feel better after a run than you did before it - this gets me through times when I'm feeling unmotivated and it's really true! Even if you don't have the best run, it is better than no run at all (as Laura herself says!) :)


Welcome back Fraz! :) I was wondering how you were getting on with Samantha instead of Laura! I'm so glad you got back out there and flip me, running over 5k in 30mins without really thinking about it; that's just brilliant! Gone are the days of feeling every single second of pain on an 8, 20 or 25min run!

Luckily I have mainly stayed on track, apart from Friday when I genuinely tried to fit far too much into my evening, and as I was catching an early morning flight on Saturday and would be away all weekend, the running was the "extra" that got cut from my plans. This has made me think "well, I've missed one session, there's no point going out tonight", but just reading your blog has made me get a grip of myself and I plan to head out in an hour, so thanks! :)


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