Couch to 5K


I set off apprehensively this afternoon for the first run of week 3.

Disaster struck. I realised that the download at failed and that I only had weeks 1 and 2 on my phone. The thought briefly crossed the lazy side of my mind that I could just turn back and drive home. I'm glad to say that on this particular afternoon the stubborn side of my mind was dominant.

So, not armed with the desired podcast, I improvised. After my warm up walk, as usual I ran for 90 seconds and walked for 2 minutes. The second 90 second run came along and when it ended, I didn't. I kept running (waddling) until the end of the 2 minute walk. From then on I just reversed the order, doing 2 minute runs and 90 second walks. On my last cycle, I ran the 2 minutes, kept going through Laura's 90 seconds and then just kept going until I was back at the point that the 5 minute warm up walk had ended.

The result: I ran for 8½ minutes. I'm sure it was no faster that I would have walked it, but who cares? The only thing that counts is that I managed to make my middle aged, overweight, asthmatic, epileptic, anaemic body run for 8½ minutes!.

Don't tell Laura. She might expect me to do it again!

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Hi Earl, great bit of improv. You could easily have gone home but its only ourselves we are cheating if we do that. Well done and keep going! Ed


Well done on keeping going, brilliant effort :-)


If the last part hadn't been flat I know I couldn't have done it!


Good on you for doing that! You've obviously got something in you to succeed no matter what. Good luck in the C25K journey :)


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