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W6 R1 knocked the cockiness out of me

After finishing the 20 minute run at the end of week 5 I had started getting pretty confident and feeling that after that the rest of the program wouldn't be too bad and I was set for an easy run last night to begin week 6 (I get to walk again surely this will make the run easy after a solid run of 20 min).

Of I set at 4.30PM into the afternoon sun figuring I could up the pace a little as the walks would let me catch my breath between runs.

The first 5 minutes are mostly downhill and although there was a small headwind I was a little surprised at how tired I felt quickly in to it but figured I would settle in to the run and be fine. When I was told to change pace I slowed and found I have ran at 5m10s/km (as opposed to 7m/km during the 20 minute run) no wonder I was feeling a little more tired.

Run 2 I watched my pace a little more but was feeling the lack of strength left in my legs as I climbed the evil short uphill section and was glad of the next walk

Run 3 was an arduous slog during which the sun made me think it was midday in the sahara.

But in this battle of man vs run, man won again. The sun and my cockiness nearly cost me and valuable lessons were learned about pacing myself more especially in the heat.

Roll on tomorrow and W6R2. Armed with new caution I am ready for it.

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Week 6 is a so and so, think we all found that, but you did it and onto week day 2. What an amazing programme this is !


Week 6 is notorious for catching many of us unawares. It's a tough transition week so well done for ploughing on through it. R2 will be better now you're prepared. Good luck


Lol I must be odd because I enjoyed week 6! Just take it slow and steady! Though you've hot hills! I couldn't cope with hills! Haha :-)


I think if I paced myself better and didnt listen to my wife telling me it was cooling down so I could do my run straight after work I would have fared a lot better.

This just made me realise I still have work to do and the rest of the program isn't a gimme


It's all about finding the right pace for you I think! I some times think I'd be faster standing still, lol but it doesn't really matter! Good look with future weeks, not that you need it! :-)


Well done on this notorious run. It caught quite a few of us unaware after the high of W5R3... it's the week you really consolidate all the running to date so stick with it and you've done the right thing by keeping "slow and steady"... :)


Run later in the day! You don't need to put yourself through torture. It's not the Marathon des Sables! LOL

Glad to hear you stuck with it though and kicked its a*se!

Week 6 is a pig but it's gotta to be done. After that you're laughing


Yeah, my wife suggested I run after work as she thought it was cooling down and then we would go visiting her family.

There was a nice breeze that made it seem cool to start with but once that wasn't on my face any more things quickly got terribly hot


I also did week6 run1 yesterday. It was more difficult than it looks on paper. I found the 8 minute run in the middle the toughest.

Congratulations for completing it.

There must be rhyme and reason with these two runs in week 6. I'm looking forward to the 25 minute run. Good luck with run 2.


I did W6R1 tonight and think I started off too quick too ! It was a bit hard going even though I had read before on here that it could be a tough one ! Still, it's done, so onwards and upwards for us all !


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