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w4r3 - salsa legs, not good!!

So I did this run yesterday after undertaking a 4 hour salsathon on Tuesday night. I have to say that my first three minute run felt like I had lead boots on. It did get better after that, as my muscles got properly warmed through, but I was still 15 seconds slower per mile than in w4r2. But I still did it all, so now tomorrow week 5 begins. This should be erm, interesting!

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ooohhhhhh! week 5!!! rfawag, good luck!!

i havent got to the stage of timing my mileage ( I sound like Im a car!! - hmmm, if I were a car i'd be a reliable old and slow rusty banger that gives off smoke and backfires when you start it, but gets you where you need to go....) im not at that stage, wont be for ages, but wowie!! i think you're going great guns.

let us know how your first run of week 5 goes.

keep on running! ;-)



Yes wow..................

I did a 1 hour circuit class night and that was my first exercise in a couple of week with going

on holiday and having a really bad cold. I can't even contemplate doing my run this morning:o(

Tell you better later how I get on. Oh and by the way I'm suppose to be on W3R3.

Good luck with W5


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