Couch to 5K

w4r3 - feeling good

Well this morning after taking my eldest two to school. I got my gear on, filled the supply bag and headed out with my youngest in her pram (she's 9wks old and doesn't moan at me yet!).

I'd mapped a route this morning and knew that if I completed the entire route it'd be 3.6miles. I want to be covering the 5km.

Got the podcast going and brisked walk my walk up the street, the warm-up finished but I paused it and carried on walking until I got off the paths and down a lane, pressed play and off I went, 3 minutes running. I'm a slow runner but I'm faster than all those sitting watching day time tv (that is what I continually tell myself).

The sun was out and I was getting hotter and hotter, I knew I must have looked an awful sight (and a very poor advert for running!)

The second 3 minute run had me going past the water treatment works, pooey, not the best area to be filling your lungs at, but definitely not a place to be letting up at either.

Felt the last 5 minute section came round really quickly, before I knew it Laura was telling me it was over!

I continued my route at a brisk walk, checked my watch and I'd made it home in 50 minutes.

Pace wise that's 14minute miles! I'm a plodder for sure!

I want to be able to complete 5km in one go and join a Parkrun 5km session.

I know this will be achievable if I stick with the plan.

Saw another lady ahead of me at the start of the lane, I think she was following some kind of plan too with her headphones on as she stopped and started but I never caught up with her (maybe one day though right)

Onto W5 on Saturday!! nervous from what I have read but I'm up for the challenge.

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Excellent well done! I'm also aiming to complete this plan, then 5km in one go, then I can do a park run without stopping to walk :)


am I reading this right? you ran with a pram?

well done on your run. sounds like you really enjoyed yourself :)


Yes, I probably do 2/3 of each weeks sessions pushing little one in her pram. Its that or not at all, so although not ideal I'm getting out still.

Just makes crossing roads and finding suitable route a little more difficult.


wow you are doing so well, managing to get two children to school and running with a 9 week old! I can barely manage to sort myself out and I'm single with no responsibilities (apart from a very strong willed Jack Russell) ;-)

Looking forward to hearing your updates :)


Thank you, I sound organised but it usually looks and sounds like chaos in the house. All good fun of having a family I guess.


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