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Week 7 (Nearly There!) Run 1


Well folks.... I braved the winter's night and the not so pleasant winter temperature, was it cold or what!? Was thinking while doing the warm up walk, why did I decide to take this on in the winter!? This is definitely not my normal style.

Back to the run....firstly the Android C25K app and my own playlist, a match made in heaven! and just to prove it I managed to run a tad faster and further :) . Time to have a well earned cuppa!

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Bloody awesome running buddy! I've been looking out for you! You have done awesomely! I too was wondering what on earth I was thinking, it was freezing!

Oh my god not far to go now! How cool is that?

Glad you got your app sorted! I had a new playlist and new route tonight and made all the difference!

Bring on Wednesday!

Elsie xxx

I was looking for your post eagerly, well done Saul we are almost there!

saul01Graduate in reply to Paul46-ipswich

Thank you, what stage are you on?


Glad you got your music sorted saul- makes a difference I think. Fab splits too! Well done☺.

saul01Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

My own playlist is a godsend. Selecting songs that match my own rhythm and speed really helps

Well done Saul you're super speedy!😊i started in winter too, 2years ago, and it was very hard sometimes but we'll worth the results!

Amazing pace for a graduate never mind someone who is still on W7 - Very well done! :)


Must be a natural born runner!!!!

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