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W1R2 - hard work !

Hi folks

W1 R2 tonight and i know it was peeing down and i was soaked through i was determined to do it. felt the first 2 runs hard but got easier as got on. After first 2 runs, felt it took ages for me to get my breath back or trying to regulate it - is this normal. i wasnt running fast, it was jog.

does it get easier in W1R3? lol lol A x

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Wow well done going out in such bad weather, that is great dedication!

Laura says that a light jog is enough, so if you do a steady pace at a light jog you are doing fine. It is normal that each successful interval will be a bit tougher and you might need a slower walk pace to recover but if you completed I think you are doing just fine!

Carry on your brilliant work :-)


A light jog is all you need to do. Don't try to run fast, just pace yourself so that you can get through it.


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