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Any vegetarians out there?


I became a vegetarian about 3 months ago, and so far I'm not having any problems with increased exercise. Can vegetarian and runner coexist?

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Try these guys...


I havent eaten meat for about 14 months & ran 8miles on sunday :) I do eat quorn as an alternative but cant really say that I have a fantastic diet as I eat quite a lot of bread & cakes & naughty stuff like that.

so yes, there are vegetarian runners X


They absolutely go together - there' s no reason why not eating meat should have any adverse effect on running. In fact, IMO, quite the opposite - the 'cleaner' your fuel is the better the body will run. Have you read this: He's vegan and an ultra-runner.

I haven't eaten meat since I was 16, that's 32 years ago! It's never affected me in any way. Neither of my daughters (aged 20 and 23) have ever eaten any meat. They both live healthy active lifestyles with no major health problems. Just make sure you get sufficient protien from other sources. Good Luck :-)


Certainly. My son has been vegan for about 10 years and has been running all that time - marathons and hill races - and is a member if the Vegan Ruuner club. As he lives with us at the moment we all eat vegan for our main meal about 3 or 4 times a week.

Son just got Scot Jurek's book (see vivwestie's reply) in the post two days ago, so maybe he's thinking of going for ultra-marathons next. I'm waiting until he's read the book, so I can browse it too.

swanscotGraduate in reply to swanscot

Excuse typos! 'Vegan Runners'

Yes, one here. I've been vegetarian for nearly 30 years and it doesn't make any difference to what I can/can't do. I've run 20 miles, walked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, canoe'd miles........... If you eat properly, there is no reason to think you can't do what you want physically.

Thanks for all of the responses. My mother is trying to convince me that I'm starving myself to death & asking my body to do too much. I feel great. I'm using that as my litmus test.


I've been a vegetarian for 25 years and never had any problems. You dont need meat!

I'm vegan and about to start on Friday, if you've got a healthy diet there should be no problems, i'm sure we will soon find out!

I am mostly vegetarian - occasionally I might eat fish. But no more meat for me. Much better for it, too.

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