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Are there any inventors out there?


I love c25k and Laura is now my best friend. I am half way thru week 4 and was wondering...... Can some one invent a "bra type thing" that hold's my IPhone, front door key and doggy poop bags (coz the dog comes with me) ! I dont want to carry a "bum" bag coz things around the middle jiggle enough already) and an arm thingy slips off and isnt big enough anyway!!

Come on you Inventors..... posy your ideas or seek out Sir Sugar ...

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My son is going to uni in the autumn to study Design - I'll set him the challenge!! (if it involves boobs, he'll be on board....:-) )

Not exactly a new invention, but I use a good, old-fashioned security money belt, the kind you take with you when you're travelling and which fits unobtrusively under your clothes. Much thinner and lighter than a bum bag, it will still take a mobile, iPod and the all-important poop bags (dogs - me too!), but since it fits snugly to your waist, it doesn't bounce up and down. It's also fully washable, and at under £4 off the Internet, you can buy a couple so that you have one as backup when one's in the washer.


There is something called a Braza Secret Stash but whether it would be big enough, I don't know!

I have a little zip pocket in the back of my leggings which is big enough for a phone and keys (Karrimor running tights)


I always run with my phone in my back zippy pocket and my key down my bra!!! :)


I've got a wrist band in which I put my key but at the mo iphone in my pocket (top). need to find somewhere else for it to go as the weather is warming up!

Get a 'bumbag' for the dog ?


I have no connection to these people but I saw a review of it on

MirellaGraduate in reply to CaroleC

And I thought my batbelt was gadgetastic!

Can't knock it for £6! i don't find it jiggly or too hot. I use Karrimor gloves too, they have a key pocket in each palm which is great when running light.


Weirdly enough, this week's warrior woman's blog has a review of this!!


As a bloke, I keep my sports bra well hidden (:->) I have a little clip on my key ring and hook it on the drawstring of my pants then slip the lot down the front. As well as being safe and not bouncing about, it adds a little something to my appearance (:->) iPod goes in a pocket, ready to pull out when I need some reassurance that I'm making progress - I stuff a hanky in to keep it from falling out. I don't have a dog, but sometimes feel I should have a poop bag for myself when I get to a steep hill!

Thanks for all the tip's. A special thank you to Malcy for making me smile :)

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