It's a family affair!

Hi folks just thought I’d give an update as I haven’t blogged since graduating a little while back.

My 12 year old son has done really well so far on C25K and is now on week 8. It won’t be long before he shows me a clean pair of heels! He will be 13 in August and already has the same size 9 feet as me! 8-)

My 10 year old daughter was on week 2 but has slightly sprained her ankle playing netball so we are giving it a rest for a while.

The better half is also getting back up to speed (previous runner) so it may be a family park run in a few months’ time!

I’ve carried on running every other day since graduation with the exception of one run (had a few days off to rest a niggling muscle pain), and have built up the distance rather than the speed. Last night I ran 9K (was supposed to be around 8 but got carried away) in 68mins 35secs – not particularly fast but I’m happy with it. A couple more runs at this distance and hopefully will be up to 10K in the next week or two. Hope to do a park run soon and work on improving my 5K time which is still around 35mins.

Good luck everyone and happy running! :-)


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18 Replies

  • My 13 year old has been doing it as well, he inherited a pair of my old Nikes (the only inheritance he is likely to get). Its nice to be able to go out for a bit of a jog with him once in a while.

    Trying to lure him into a Parkrun sometime :-)

  • I'm applying a bit of lateral thinking here and hoping to inherit some of his trainers as his feet grow ;-)

  • Hey, I hadn't thought of that! Good one!

  • Well done to both of you it seems much harder for kids to leave the couch or computor these days and getting them interesrted now is the best thing you can do.

  • Thanks - kids love to be active given the opportunity.

  • I'm seriously impressed. Wouldn't it be something to all run a parkrun together; really brilliant fun.

  • It would be great - looking to forward to it hopefully - cheers!

  • Well done on getting your son out there with you. There are quite a few youngsters come along to our Parkrun and they are doing some impressive times too. Hopefully you will be able to have a family gathering before too many weeks, that would be brilliant, be sure and let us know when that happens. ;)

  • I woke up this morning and decided I'm going to check out our local park run (Conkers Leicestershire) - so I was dashing around, kit barcode etc.and just before I left checked the website for the best directions and realised that it was a 9:00 start not 9:30 which I had thought - Doh! not enough time to get there :-( . Whilst consoling myself with a cuppa I just noticed I'd got my shorts on back to front LOL :-D - oh well maybe next week.

  • When I first started the programme and asked my 12 year-old, who is quite sporty, if she'd like to join me, she just laughed (even though she is determined we do a race for life together, "we will still raise money walking" she insists). I just read your blog to her, hoping it might inspire her. All I got was "I do not believe in self-inflicted torture!". Well done on getting your children involved, such a brilliant way to get them active and spend time with them. I envy you, any tips welcome!

  • My son saw how much I was enjoying C25K and wanted to give it a go. He was very self concious about running outside with me so we suggested he tried it on the treadmill (we bought a treadmill a year or so ago for my wife for health reasons). He was already quite fit and cycles to school each day etc. We played the podcasts through the treadmills speaker and he was well away. It has really boosted his confidence and he is so looking forward to doing cross country at school next year. He has said how much fitter he feels and now he is on the longer sessions is really getting that buzz from the exercise. Maybe ask her how many in her class does she think can run 5K? :-)

  • I think you hit it on the nail, she would probably feel self-conscious running in our local park. I didn't think about it because she does cross-country at school but is with friends her age there. We have a rebounder at home and she is forever bouncing, i have to set time limits so I can use it too, shame I have no space for a treadmill. Thanks for solving my mystery! :)

  • when I saw that you were running with your almost teenager I thought Id have a peek. its great that you can run together. 2 of my girls, one of them 13 in 5 days & the other just turned 14 have done c25k & its lovely when they join me. mind you, they have to wait up for me :)

    I have a 10 year old who wanted to join us but was worried that it would be too much for him. hows your 10 year old managing? has she managed all of the runs ok?

    my 10 year old is quite a fit little thing, loving football & just running around with his friends but wasnt sure if he was old enough for this so have put him off up to now. would love to hear what you think.

    shelley x

  • I think it is important not to push them but to encourage them all the way - its all about running for fun. My daughter wanted in on the action so we started her off on the treadmill with my wife supervising and she is enjoying it. She plays netball and hockey after school and so has found it pretty straight forward so far (prior to her netball injury setback). There are recommended limits for youngsters which you can read on the web and I wouldn't want her to do more than a gentle 5K at the most. Park runs are happy for kids to take part for fun as long as they are supervised. :-)

  • thankyou. we have a treadmill at home aswell & he has run for 5 mins on that already but as we are doing race for life next sunday he is even keener to join in & run with us. maybe we can do a bit of the plan during the summer hols. that way we can all do it together ~ am sure the girls will be more than happy to join in & encourage him & will enjoy giving their advice. x

  • Kudos to all of you getting your children and partners involved, and trying to maintain a healthy household. This will be the foundation for your young ones to know the benefits and importance of exercise. Hopefully, they will successfully pass the one along to their friends, and then those friends and their families also want to join the C25K bandwagon. Just keep passing it forward!

  • My children like to run too, my 11 year old is keen, and comes on parkruns with me - we go to the Conkers parkrun too, but didn't make it this weekend due to car trouble, and we're off on our hols the next 2 weeks. There's quite a few children who do the parkrun, and they do suprisingly well! My lad gets a bit competitive and runs off leaving me behind, yet when he comes with me on a 'normal' run he starts wingeing and slows me down!

    My 8 year old DD does cross country at school and ran the race for life with me, not took her to a parkrun yet. I definatly think since I took up running it has encouraged them.

  • Cheers! and have a great holiday - maybe see you at Conkers some time :-)

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