Message for beginers! It's getting easier

Message for beginers! It's getting easier

But still hard work. Just not as dawnting (not sure of that spelling)

And all down to nhs'c25k & you guys! Said it before I'll say it again. When I think back to about May this year when I started this with serious intentions. I really could have NOT run to the end of the street. Now I can run for over an hour & love it!!

:-) KEEP THE FAITH! it's hard but SO worth what you'll get back!!

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  • Well done on your PB John. Continually amazed at how many people C25K improves ;-)

  • Thanks I'm well pleased with it.

  • Hear, hear. Well done John.

  • Cheers janda

  • Whole-heartedly agree with you! It's a fantastic program and has opened up a whole new world for me!

  • Same for me :-)

  • That's amazing :-) I can't believe you've achieved so much in less than a year!

    I've only just started week 7 but my aim is to be running 7k regularly and to be able to do a 10k :-)

    Thank you so much for the post- so inspiring! :-D

  • Can't believe it my self. Lol & glad to be of help

  • Well done on the PB!!!

  • Thanks :-)

  • Cheers :-)

  • Congrats John. Well done!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Thanks for the encouragement :) And well done on your PB. :)

  • Glad to be of some help & thank you.

  • Nice one John, I've not run that far yet, although working up to it, so can appreciate how pleased you must feel.

  • Thanks. I can't believe I can get that far my self.

  • As a beginner, i love this post! Thanks for sharing and, most of all, well done x

  • Thank you. & stick with it you'll get there! :-)

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