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New to exercise

Haven't exercised for the best part of 10 years, but feel slightly deflated couldn't get to the end of the first run, 3 times in a row. Please tell me there is other over-weight, red faced, wobbly folk out there that are trying to run and not quite getting the hang of it?

Any advice and tips on how to get over the initial hurdle and actually complete a Week1 run?

Thank you! :D

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Hi, and welcome. My only advice is to just keep going. Sounds simple i know, but i remember just how hard week one is, especially if you havent done anything like this in a while, or ever really in my case! :) it does get easier i promise and think how it will feel the first time you complete that run! Good luck and let us know how you get on!


I agree with itsallanadventure - just keep going. There's no time constraints on the programme, just take as long as you need. Don't lose hope, you will get there! Good luck!


It really does get easier. My only advice is the same as Itsallanadventure - keep going! The hardest part was finding the motivation to keep going when it was so hard! I'm just about to start week 4 and can't believe how far I've come from unable to run for 60 seconds. I had to repeat the last run in week 1 and 2 but I'm getting there slowly. So can you - Good luck!


Welcome, sh888!!

No worries!! I have to echo Itsallanadventure. Stick with the program. Sometimes, it takes a while to convince your body that this is a good thing to do!! :-) I have complete confidence that you can and will conquer this program is you fully set your mind to it.

Now, how are we going to get through R1? Good question if I do say so myself! After all, we have to get you all the way to W9!! I am sure that you will hear this advice many times on these blogs. It is just one of the incredible nuggets of wisdom which my wife (gdeann) and I gathered from this site. SLOW DOWN!! If you can't complete a run (other than injury) you are most likely trying to run too fast. Speed will come later. Slow down enough to complete every run. Anything faster than a a RUN!! :-)

I would also very highly suggest trying to follow the run, rest, run, rest, run and then two rest days schedule every week. Our bodies really need that time to rest and recuperate as we are working our way back into a fitness program!!




P.S. As far as the red-faced and wobbly folk...get used to it...that part hasn't ever gone away for me. I can just stay red-faced and wobbly for 5K now!! :-)


Well done for starting. Steve has said exactly what I was going to say. Slowing down always helps us get through the run. Keep trying and you will get there! Keep posting to let us know how you get on :)

After seemingly going backwards and not being able to run non stop for 5k (when I know I can) for what seems like ages I went out yesterday and headed that very same advice...I slowed right down and it worked. Back in the game..YAY!


I totally failed W1R1. It was impossible. But then I was amazed to find that R2 was just about achievable. Of course though we don't realise it at first, that's the way the programme is set up - to make us achieve a bit more, a bit better each time we go out. I never believed it would be possible to run for 30 minutes, but 9 weeks later I'm a graduate. And so will you be, just have faith in Laura and the programme.


Welcome to the programme sh888 and to the site - an invaluable source of encouragement and advice!

Dont beat yourself up about week 1 - Slater is right, there is no rush to finish this so if you need to repeat it a few times until you conquer it then that's fine; it will come in time and before you know it you will be at week 9! Steve is right too - just take it slow and run at a pace that suits you. We are all at different peaks of fitness so some will find it easier than others but this is where this site comes in helpful as you soon realise you are not alone.

Keep blogging and I look forward to hearing about your progress. Sue


Everyone has great suggestions! Slow and steady... I'm pretty sure the first several weeks I had several snails and turtles pass me! Into week 7-8, I was overtaken by a 4-5 year old!!!! Just tell yourself you can do this, one foot in front of the other. As Sue said, keep coming here and keep blogging. Gayle


over-weight - check

red faced - check

wobbly - check

Unable to complete run 1 - check

But here I am, a few more than 5 weeks later psyching myself up to my second stab at the 20 minute. Yes, sometimes it takes a couple of false starts to get there and one or two of my weeks have lasted 4 or 5 runs and 10 days - but I am getting there & you will too!


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