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Week 7 but new to forum


Hi there, I can’t believe I’ve gone so far through the programme without finding this forum, I’m loving reading everyone’s posts! It took me a wee while to get going with C25K over the first couple of weeks but once I got going I was hooked. Now only 7 runs to go till I complete the programme and am amazed at how far I’ve come, I never thought it would be possible. I’ve decided to sign up for my first proper 5K run at the end of September, I finally feel like a ‘real’ runner!!

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan may still offer you some useful tips healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Keep running, keep smiling.

MrsT0707Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Great, thank you


Just come back from my first week 7 run. I am dead slow but I'm plodding on I can't believe I 've got this far either !

MrsT0707Graduate in reply to Snuffy_T

It’s great, I’m on run 3 tonight then onto week 8. Slow & steady wins the race as they say, the main thing is we’re doing it and enjoying it. Don’t worry too much about speed, I’m excited to register for my first 5k - even if I come last I’m super competitive with myself so I’m hoping that’ll keep me motivated once I’m finished C25K

Snuffy_TGraduate in reply to MrsT0707

when I'm slow it feels "heavy" when I run a bit faster my feet are lighter and seem to "kiss" the floor. But l am sticking with slow until I've got through the programme!

MrsT0707Graduate in reply to Snuffy_T

Snuffy_T that’s so true and a great attitude to have, focus on finishing the programme and the speed will come in time. I think I often start off too quickly, it’s a pace that feels natural in the beginning but it’s not sustainable and my legs get tired earlier. I need to slow it down a bit I think. W7R3 done tonight ✔️ roll on week 8 😁


Hello and welcome.

I hope you had the chance to read some of the post.

Well done on reaching week 7 your almost at the end of the beginning. I hope you’ve been enjoying your runs and can see how far you’ve come. Thanks for sharing.

MrsT0707Graduate in reply to MVBrown

Thank you, yes it was a very interesting and useful post.

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