Does anyone run with their Dog?

Hi everyone, I completed W2R2 this morning and really enjoyed it! It was the first time I took Agnes with me (border terrier) - got one of those special elasticated doggy belt running lead things off amazon and some paw wax. Anyway run went brilliantly, only one minor incident involving a squirrel, and another with a poo (Agnes not me!). So i suppose my question is does anyone else run with a dog - how are you finding it, got any tips? and also could the fact they she was pulling a little bit be classed as cheating? i did find it easier today that w2r1 but was hoping that might just be me improving (fingers crossed).

Thanks, Jules xx


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  • Sadly, I lost my dog last year, but she would have loved to go running with me when she was younger. I wasn't planning on getting another dog just now, but I've found myself thinking about it a lot over the last couple of days. I would love to have someone to accompany me on my runs, especially when I go to the woods. Now seems to be a good time, while the weather is still reasonable, for getting out and training a young dog. Maybe the fact I am getting fitter might also mean we could do some of the things I had considered doing before, like dog agility or frisbee.

    People take their dogs with them on parkrun so I think running with Agnes is a great idea, and good for both of you. :)

  • My Dog Bailey a labrador, will run with me for a while, but as soon as I start to run back towards home he pulls back and won't run, I gave up at week2 with him.

  • I am lucky that one of my running routes is through a wood, so my choc lab Coco follows along behind, she is usually pretty good. But she is far to lazy to accompany me on the lead, so if i go elsewhere she stays home.

  • I always have my dog with me. The good thing is the dog needs to go out whether I run or walk or stand around, so aside from getting my kit on (which is why I tend to put it on first thing), I may as well do my run. The bad thing is...days like yesterday when I let her run round whilst I got my stuff together and she bogged off instead of coming back when I wanted to set off. When she showed up, she was a completely different colour (in fact I honestly didn't recognise her for a moment). She seemed to have been burrowing in a pile of coal by the look and smell of her. The only exercise I got yesterday was washing her which finished me off.

    And I think you're improving not cheating.

  • Fred can't keep up with me on the lead, I ended up dragging him along the route. I don't want to run with him off the lead if he can't keep up as then I'd never know where he was. So we tend to go out for a walk after.

  • I run with my yorkie (I say run, more of a jog!) he's only young so needs the excercise as soon as he sees the trainers come out he goes straight to where his lead is kept. I try to make sure he's done his business before we go out so that we don't have to stop on our way round plus there aren't many bins on our route!! Keep it up :)

  • I would find it near impossible to run with my dog on a lead. She is a loopy cocker spaniel that is always stopping to sniff around and roll in anything she can find. I am fortunate to live next to fields where she can run with me off the lead and she loves it. Occasionally she has nearly legged me up when she gets a bit close but I'm learning to dodge her now......Anyway I don't think you're cheating at all just think of it as extra exercise having to control a dog as well as concentrating on running as well. Good luck and happy dog running!!!!

  • I do but so far I have only done week 1. I have had to do a lot of lead work with the dog (I have 2 but the other one would not run) so that I can stop him pulling and by run 3 I could actually see this paying off. I do go off lead too in appropriate areas and that is when he will find dirty puddles, ponds etc, but he does this anyway!

    He is a young lab that is a bundle of energy but I don't know how he will cope when I am running for longer stretches with less walking.

    Do they need the paw wax and do you think the running leads work well?

  • Ps from above! My dog loves it and runs along with a daft expression.

  • I got the paw wax as I run on the pavements, and heard that once I start building up distance it might cause sore paws - figured it can't do any harm. The belt worked brilliantly, I'm sure you could probably get a lighter weight one than i have but I needed somewhere to put my phone, poo bags etc. Sorry - just realised its looks like I am impersonating jcjackson - it's me, but I'm now 179monmou, had issues with my last profile and the lovely techy people have sorted it for me.

    Doing w2r3 at 5.30am Tom- wish us luck!

  • I will look at getting some then and a running belt too. I have the podcast on my phone so will also need one with a pocket too as it is hard work without.

  • Saw some people with a wonderful young husky and a border collie puppy today and I wanted to take them home (the dogs that is)! If I'm still under-employed by the end of next week then I think it could be time to get a couple of dogs. :)

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