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Does anyone else train on a treadmill?

After struggling to run over muddy fields for my first four runs ( our local narrow roads are rat-runs and I want to prolong my life, not shorten it) I succumbed today and went to the gym. It was wonderful! I completed my six jog/run repeats far more easily than last time

. However, my iphone declares that I only ran about 60 yards and burned 29 calories. It obviously doesn't do treadmills! Is there any way I can set it up to record my indoor efforts?

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Can you not make a note from the readings on the treadmill? Just record it in Calendar or as a Note?


Thanks. Next time I will go better prepared. It didn't help that the display was in German!


If you need help with a German display, feel free to ask :) I'm German ;)


I use a treadmill as trying to build up speed so need consistency. Working well so far but just use distance on treadmill display.


I use runkeeper when I exercise. Running outside the GPS keeps track of where I run. If I run on the treadmill I can manually enter the distance and time from the treadmill into the runkeeper app on my iphone.

This allows me to track all my activities either inside or outside.

The manual entering also works for other gym equipment like bikes, rowing machine, elipticals, weigh training etc.

It's free and I find it great to keep track of what I do each week with times, speeds, etc.


Thanks so much bjammin. That sounds just about within my capabilities!


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