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Just completed first Wk 4 run

I started on this programme three weeks ago as motivation to get me out of the house after I took early retirement. I love walking and I always tried to do several 3 mile or 30/40 minute walks a week even if it was only into town and back just for somewhere to go! And I don't stroll along - I do walk fast. However, running..? No, couldn't do it, didn't want to do it. I could barely manage 30secs!

So, finding this programme made me think that I could give it a go; after all, what did I have to lose apart from a little pride at failing miserably. Anyway, to spur me on I bought a pair of running shoes (bargain - Nike outlet shop, reduced to £25, charged £17.50!) and set off on my first run. Surprisingly, I found it quite easy and progressed to Wk 2. Yikes! My final 90sec run nearly did for me - I had to stop just a few seconds early as I couldn't breathe. Still, I went out the next time and hey - 90secs? No problem! Just to be sure, I did an extra session that week.

So Wk 3. Again, I really didn't think I'd get through 3 mins - but I did and actually pushed on and ran 6 for the 3rd day final run as I was finding it - not easy but comfortable.

Today was my first Wk 4 run and I'm so pleased that I found it very do-able! Again for the final 5min run I decided to push myself a little further and managed 8mins without too much trouble. I truly never believed that I would be able to run for 8 minutes. I seem to have found my pace and rhythm which may not be especially quick but enables me to complete the runs. I'll worry about upping the speed later!

The thing that has really surprised me though is that right from the start, I've actually looked forward to the runs! I want to get out and do them, which for me, who is very happy just sitting around doing nothing and is an expert in prevarication, is remarkable. I know I will reach my goal to run for 30 mins. Hopefully I'll run 5K - but most importantly - I'll run!

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This programme is truly amazing isnt it - I never thought i could run but run i do. I look forward to running too and miss it when life gets in the way of running.

I too dont run fast - but the pace is steady and my breathing regular and I figure that in time my pace may quicken but thats for further down the line

Congratulations on reaching week 4 :D its such an achievement.

Happy running


I was so glad to read about your experience. I've got the first week 4 run tomorrow and part of me was just thinking shall I just repeat week 3 for a little while longer (as my name suggests, I'm too lazy to actually push myself!) or just get on with week 4? Well thanks to your blog I'm going to tackle week 4! Bring it on!

Many thanks.


Wow - that's great Too_Lazy, thank you! I hope it goes well for you. I did my second run today and decided to stick to the final 5 min run rather than push too hard as my muscles were a little stiff and it was pretty wet and windy this morning, but will try to extend it next time.

I was tempted to just repeat week 3 until I felt I could do it comfortably but then thought the whole point is to push myself a little more each time. Not too hard, but enough to actually see improvement - which I am!

titch67- believe me, I don't run fast! I'm going to stick to what works for me and let the speed come as I get stronger and more confident. Well, that's the theory....


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