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Week 7 done - and I feel done-in!

Ran W7 R3 this morning but this week has been really hard. I have gradually noticed an improvement each time - but not by much. I was hoping that by run 3 I would be able to do that-running-faster-for-the-last-minute thing that Laura confidently encourages us to do . . . but, no, I was absolutely whacked again by that point and only just able to keep one foot in front of the other for the last few seconds. It really feels that the programme takes a step up in this week - I'm noticing that my muscles are sore again for the next day or two after runs which hasn't happened really since the first week. I guess this is reassuring in a weird way because it shows that I am working hard and giving all I can but I really hope these longer runs get easier in time and I'm a bit wary of week 8 given how many people said it was the worst week for them - hope not for me!

I'm learning ways of switching my brain off more or thinking of other things so it doesn't seem such a long time to run. Also, I try to run in the mornings which is pretty insane as I'm not a morning person, but I'm sure part of my success is that my mind doesn't wake up to what's actually happening until I'm in my running gear, trainers on and out of the house - by which time it's too late - works every time lol!

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Hi Fittervic, well done for completing week 7.

I too am on week 7, I started on Monday and I was very very slow but pleased to complete 30 minutes. I was planning on running again on Weds but my whole body but particularly my legs felt really achy. I live in a 3 storey house and just getting to the top floor has made my legs feel achy! So be reassurred you are not alone. I was hoping to run today but had a bad nights sleep and woke with a headache, I can't run tomorrow but plan to run on Sunday and will do w 7 r2 and see how it goes.

I also like to get up early and go as if I give myself an option of "running or not" I am still at the stage of choosing "or not".

Good luck with w8 and keep on posting your blog!


Thanks Secretrunner - it's so good to know there are others out there who are at the same stage and with similar symptoms! I think you deserve a gold medal for walking up 3 storeys every day - I don't think my legs would let me do that today! I fully understand the 'or not' option re: running! I know I will have achieved something if I get to the stage of actually wanting to run. Hope your next run goes well - you can do it - and I'm sure the rest you've given your body will pay off big time - I've certainly underestimated the repair time my muscles need - or in my case it's actually not repair but building muscles from scratch, no wonder they are sore! Go for it - you can do it! Let us know how it goes.


Hello Fittervic and first of all well done!

I agree with you all the way. Week 7 was hard, but I especially enjoyed the last run and even upped it when Laura says to in the last minute. But Week 8, aww, awful! I've done 2 runs so far but it has been hell. See my blogs! I agree, it's like weeks 1 and 2 all over! Good luck on week 8, I'm just a few runs ahead ;-)


Delia - I've seen your blogs and felt for you! But you are an inspiration too and you should be really proud of how far you've come. Good luck with run 3 - I'm sure you must be due for a good run having plugged away when it has been hard! And just think - you'll be graduating in another week - that must feel brilliant. Love your insistence on pasta being good for you too - of course it is, my problem is the bottle of red wine that accompanies it lol!


Well done on completing Week 7 - I found that to be the hardest week I never really completed it properly!!

In my 1st 25 minute run (Wk6r3) Iwalked for a few paces twice, managed the next attempt, stopped after 23 mins on my 3rd attempt, then managd it on my 4th.


I was going to redo the week - but after taking advice off this forum, pushed on to Week 8 & was glad I did as things just seemed to "click" - I did Week8 fairly comfortably & actually felt a bit like a runner!!!

Hope the same happens for you - I actually think you are past the worst now!!

All the best


Thanks Spud - that's exactly what I needed to hear! Really glad things clicked for you - will hope the same may be true for me. Keep up the running!


Hi, Fittervic, I'm with you all the way about week 7 - hated every minute and really thought I wasn't cut out to be a runner after all. However, I think this is the week that your body gets used to the longer runs, and therefore everything hurts for a reason. I've got week 8 run 3 tomorrow and I'm really happy with how I'm getting on this week. I feel much more comfortable and I'm actually looking forward to week 9.

Great work so far - I Hope you enjoy week 8. Let us know how you get on :-)


Thank you Crafting_girl - that's really encouraging! Well done for getting nearly to the end of week 8 and I hope I enjoy the next runs as much as you have!


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