I still don't like Week 8

Did W8R2 during the lunch break on a beautiful sunny day. Although I enjoyed it more than R1, I'm still not enjoying it as much as week 7 -- my legs felt heavy and I really wanted to stop. Had to lace my shoe twice and I understand why Laura makes you keep walking after. Although it takes me just a few seconds to tie my laces, the first two or three paces of jogging after are really ouchful - I suppose because you start cooling down at once. Whatever. I hope I can make these next 4 runs...


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30 Replies

  • Yes you can, Delia! I think we all have difficult spots - for me it was week 7, but I'm feeling much more comfortable in week 8 - like you, I've just done run 2.

    Just keep going - next week WILL be better, especially as we graduate! :-)

  • Thanks Crafting! Yes, this time next week we should be almost there :-)

  • Of course you can, keep going we all have difficult runs but you can do it. Looking forward to hearing you have graduated! Keep going I am cheering you on :-)

  • I am so grateful for encouragement like this and good luck to you too rolphie, xox delia

  • You've done so well, Deliaitaly! This is just another little obstacle in your c25k journey! You can do it - we're all right behind you sending you positive thoughts! :)

  • Thank you Oona! what would I do without you lot? xox delia

  • Keep going, don't give in now!! Just imagine us all right behind you tomorrow with pom poms and banners!! x x

  • Delia you are doing absolutely fantastic!!!!

    I still can't believe how quickly you bounced back after your broken wrist! You have achieved so much, and although these last few runs have felt more difficult, YOU HAVE COMPLETED THEM!!! You didn't stop and you won't stop during the next 4 runs and before we all know it you will be writing your graduation blog :D Well done!

  • You will be fine Delia! When you feel like stopping, hold your head up, think positive thoughts and dig deep - you can do it! There are so many behind you here, helping you to the finish line which is in sight now. Keep going and you will soon be the proud owner of a very shiny green badge! Sue x

  • No worries, Delia! You are almost there!! You are doing wonderfully and will be sporting that new "Graduate" badge before you know it.

    I completely understand not liking W8. I really didn't like weeks 1 or 2. Well, come to think of it 3, 4 and 5 weren't much to speak of either in my book. Now, weeks 6, 7 and 8 were a different story...I absolutely despised those. Week 9, oh yes, week 9...Nope, I didn't like it, either!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Oh I just love reading your replys Steve....you are soooooo inspiring....keep it up xxx

  • LOL! You are a star Steve, thanks :-)

  • Hugs to you Delia! :-) We were scheduled to graduate together before you had the wrist issue. After that bump in the road, you proved to all of us and to yourself just how determined you are! I have no doubt, no matter how difficult the next few runs will be, you will run every second of them! :-) That's just the way you roll. ;-) I'm cracking out the party supplies and getting the fireworks ready for the big grad party! :-) Gayle

  • You are an absolute sweetie Gayle, hugs from Iatlay, Delia xox

  • You too Gayle.....just soooo inspiring to everyone....xxx LOVE you guys xx

  • Darling Delia can you please read my blog for today as I have a question for you dear, btw I can totally totally emphathise with you about this W8 you are Bang On Girl....but you are soooo inspirational to me and will be graduating very very soon...I will do a little dance for you Woooooo Hoooooo the graduation badge is in sight. xxx :-) Ps: how do you get the little smileys with teeth.... ?

  • ( ... )

  • OOOps it disn't work! LOL (...)

  • Aaaarrrrgh!

  • :-p


  • =(,

  • shit, I'll need to speak to my dentist :'(

  • Hahaha! I guess sh*t is universal slang! ;-)

  • Delia, you are getting so very close to graduation...I have a huge favor to ask of you! Will you be willing to share your amazing story on your grad blog? I came across the posting about the accident 30 years ago. It is a true testament of what we can do if we set our minds to it. I think it would be great for all of the newbies and graduates to read. :-) Please, please, pretty please??? ;-) Gayle

  • Sure! Do you want the story told in a serious fashion or would you prefer the funny version? I can do both!

    I broke all my ribs and collar bone; had cuts and bruises all over my face and my knee cap flew off. And I wasn't even 30 yet ! Skiing -- which I took up 7 years later, was pretty scary I can tell ya ;-)

  • Wk8 is strangely tough - it's not that much of a leap from wk7 but somehow it's different and harder. I did mine when on holiday in New York and Washington. First one was focussed on running to and around the Empire State Building and the second one to and around the White House. The change of scenery certainly eased the pain during the runs, but not the post run aches, and my final run around our local park in Harrow avoiding the squirrels and fallen chestnuts didnt quite have the same feel.

    But I certainly think the change of route idea for the longer runs can work, and I did this for wk 9 though my choices then were just North Harrow, South Harrow and then West Harrow. Not quite as glam as wk8 but variety helps me anyway.

  • Wow NYC and Washington! Well I hope to do Week 9 in Belfast (Botanical Gardens) and 2 runs in London, but nowhere flash, probably good old Streatham Common :-P

  • Belfast! :)

  • Sometimes we need humor to cope with what life throws us! :-) I think it is a story of determination and hope. Often we take for granted what we are given and have a pity party. I'm guilty of this! ;-) Your story will make others aware of some of the challenges faced by others. Yes! Do share both versions! :-)

  • As a graduation post or shall I just post it anyway?

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