Chasing the dawn

I got up really early to run this morning, and I'm very proud of myself. W2R2 down. I'm feeling good about R3 on Saturday.

As you may have gathered from my accent ;), I'm from the southern US. There's a belief that our weather is always nice here, but y' was cold this morning. Luckily??? for me I got a wake up call that forced me out of bed at 4:30 this morning. UGH. I decided to head outside at 5:00 since I was already up. The stars were beautiful. The dawn was amazing. Dare I say I got a runner's high?

A girl could get used to this.

The best thing about being up this early was the quiet. I was able to get some thinking done while I was outside. I've been very anxious lately. Work has been rough. Home has been challenging. I have to break my run down mentally. I can't think of the entire run all at once or it seems far too hard. I just concentrate on one step at a time. I really need to do that in my life outside of sneakers. Today, I will concentrate on one step, one task, one person at a time. If someone has to wait, so be it. They'll live. If a task takes longer than expected, so be it. It will be finished and finished well. Being goal oriented is great, but sometimes you really have to pull back from the big picture and look at the small details.

I hope you all can find some clarity today.




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14 Replies

  • Hi, I really liked your blog. It sounds like a great run! it also really resonated with me. I have learnt a lot from doing this programme which I take into wider life. I have learnt things about myself and how attitude really affects results. I have also learnt a new way of approaching tihngs, which is similar to what you were saying about breaking down things into manageable tasks. I find running also provides that thinking space which is so often lacking in busy lives.

    Good luck with the coming weeks, you'll be continually amazed at what you can do! :)

  • Welcome to you, Kimber!! You are off to a great start!!

    BRITS BEWARE!! It appears that there is an American invasion going on here!! I think that we are up to a solid 3 or 4 Americans now!! :-). I picked up on your accent right away!! I must warn you, though. You may soon find yourself using words like "Chuffed," "Niggle," "Trainers" and "Well done, you!". :-)

    My wife and I invaded this forum when we found much warmer advice and support here than we found on many American sites.

    Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)


  • dont forget flippin', bloke and saucy!!

  • Very true, Sue!! (Hey, that rhymed!! :-) )

    We can even run all three of those together and get a description of me...One flippin' saucy bloke!! :-). I think Sue even came close to calling me that once!! :-)

  • I just found out what fanny means and its not even close to our US fanny! :-) well... kinda! :-)

  • haha! yes don't get those two mixed up! ;)

  • A gift for you, Gayle and Kimber from a Brit:

  • Thank you, Delia!!! I am quite chuffed with myself right now!! I knew as much of the British slang as I did the American slang!! Thanks to you, SBG, rfawag and several others I am becoming quite a bloke!! :-)

  • "shawty" is hilaroious -- I mean the way Ellen tries to explain the meaning is absolutely meaningless to us Brits!

  • Now that was hilarious !!!

  • wow 5am!! Rather you than me Kimber but I can fully believe how peaceful it is at that time.....

    Good luck for R3 and oh, all accents very welcome here!! Sue x

  • All accents apart from Welsh obviously :-)

  • Great going kimber!!! I am smhall's wife and we are from the states as well! This is a wonderful group of people here, who are always willing to share advice, support, motivation and of course a laugh or two!!! :-) Enjoy the weather you're having! We live in Kansas, so we are struggling with fitting in weather conditions with the run. Gayle

  • Hi gd, we struggle with the weather too. Snow, sleet. rain, gales etc etc

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