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W1R2 Mixed emotions

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So I've just been out on W1R2 and have complete mixed emotions. I'm trying to focus on the positives: I got up at 7am on a Sunday morning, it's raining, it's really windy and I did all 8 runs:) But I cant help but feel deflated. Feels like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. This morning was far far harder than the run on Friday and it was a Herculean effort. After the Horrible First Run (HFR) on Wednesday that I'm not counting, my thigh muscles were not happy with me and were still hurting when I went out on Friday. Since then they have been slightly tender but a lot lot better so I thought I would find this morning ok (especially after my jubilation at completing all 8 runs on Friday) but even though the muscles have been far better, they kicked in at run 2 this morning and it was a monster effort for the remaining 6 runs. I'm not too bad with being out of breath - I seem to recover fairly ok and doing well at the not panting, beetroot thing (for now!) but my legs just felt like I was in concrete and it was a mammoth task to just get round. I didn't enjoy it really and feel a bit deflated. I think i was probably hoping to spring round like a gazelle or something but on a cold rainy Sunday morning it didnt happen! I'm hoping this will get easier. I had thought that if today was good I might even move onto Week 2 and count the HFR from Wednesday as my first run but am definately staying in Week 1 for now. Race for Life and running for 30 mins seems really far away. Think I'm going to have breakfast now, have a smoothie, rest and focus on the positives. I will be going out again on Tuesday morning to do Run 3. I won't be defeated. Just feels a bit :( this morning. Onwards and upwards. Have a lovely Sunday:)

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I would take the fact that you manged all 8 runs as a massive positive - well done! I did my first run yesterday and a bit like you I had mixed emotions I was pleased I did it but I didn't "enjoy" it and i've no idea how i'm ever going to run for 30 mins but having read lots of blogs I can see that it is doable so do it I will! Enjoy your Sunday and be proud :)

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Joanne37Graduate in reply to

Thank you:) We will get there! It just seems like a dream at the moment but keep on keeping on. :)

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Awwww come on Joanne, don't beat yourself up over sore legs....congratulate yourself on getting out there and doing this! You are doing wonderfully - love your term 'HFR', suspect that will be adopted by other new runners - so true! :D

If you get a chance to read other W1 blogs, you will soon find you are not alone with the leg probs. Different people encounter different glitches in the early weeks: thighs, calves, breathing, knees, feet, dripping noses, hips ... all sorts of hassles. After time on the 'couch' , when we ask our bodies to do strange things, our bodies react/complain in different ways! You legs are telling you that that they are surprised by these recent new demands, and putting the muscles through their paces has shocked them a little bit.

Have faith, they will recover after a little rest and become stronger. Maybe you will benefit from 2 days rest before your next run, then you may not need to repeat the whole week (which might be a bit demoralising anyway). I found that sore legs responded well to warm baths, muscle rub*, and resting with feet raised. *there are special muscle rubs available at the pharmacy, but even gently rubbing with a nice body lotion - upwards from your ankles to the thighs - will make you feel better and gives you a little scented pampering! The gentle application/massage works wonders, indulge yourself ;)

Note too, that if your legs are out in the cold/wet the muscles are more likely to complain too. I did my early weeks in horrid frost and snow, so wore thermals under my running leggings - that helped enormously.

I took 12 weeks to complete the schedule - had some lousy experiences in the early weeks, and then ended up doing 30 mins from about week 7! Shocked myself! You too CAN do this :D

Keep on keeping on ;) Race for Life needs you. Mmmmmm a smoothie yummmm. Lots of luck with your next outing. Cheers and have a great Sunday too :) Linda x

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Joanne37Graduate in reply to LMS2110

Thank you Linda. I knew if I came on here there would be lots of people who would be able to make me feel better. This hasnt defeated me but I think I thought today would be easier and it wasnt. Lots of rest today and some ibuleve and I'm sure I'll be ok. My plan is to go out Tuesday and kick Week 1 up the bum:) Thank you for your kind words. x

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Unfortunately all runners find out too soon that we all have bad runs and worst of all when we aren't expecting them. I find my legs can be heavy when I run on an empty stomach.

You should really be giving yourself a pat on the back! That's another run done and you've only one left to finish this week, well done!

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Joanne37Graduate in reply to didntrunthat

Thank you:) Just one left and I might feel like I can move onto Week 2:)

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All the replies are brilliant - well done you for keeping at it and remaining positive. I am week 4 and my body is objecting - but i am so pleased that I am out there doing it - that I am ignoring it and getting on with it.

Look fwd to hearing from you when you get to week two - and I am certain you will get to race for Life - as despite your feelings - you also sound pretty determined!

Happy sunday to you!

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Well done on completing the run! :) And for blogging about it, instead of just going back to bed and giving up! Be patient - that inner gazelle will emerge one day, but probably not in week one! (And it will probably go off and hide again for a bit, once found, but never mind!)

Horrible runs are indeed horrible, but we all have them - and even though they're horrible, they are still doing us good. Chin up, and plod on! You can do it. :)

Slow and steady, slow and steady. :)

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Joanne37Graduate in reply to greenlegs

Thank you Greenlegs. My current motto is slowly slowly catchy monkey. And I will get that monkey! :)

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to Joanne37

Nice one, Joanne!

Just make sure though, when you catch him, that if he tries to tell you to give up, you put some tape over his mouth! :)

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Joanne37Graduate in reply to greenlegs

I will!! :)

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