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The dreaded W5R3 - defeated!!


I cannot believe it... this morning we completed week 5, run 3!

I have been trying desperately not to think about it all week, deciding I would just deal with it on the day... so we got up extra early today and set out for the warm up walk and then just went for it. I started off going as slowly as I could to conserve energy... the first five minutes were fine, and getting to ten was all right but I had a voice in the back of my head saying "this is only halfway - you've got to do it all again now!". But I plugged on, still forcing myself to go slowly but steadily, and then I reached the 15 min mark and by that point I knew I would never forgive myself for giving up so close to the end!

I could feel a stitch setting in from 15 minutes but I was determined not to stop so I just grabbed hold of my side like a vice, breathed really deeply like a woman giving birth and went for it! I was so happy when we finished, we had a sweaty hug in the street in celebration :-D

Cannot believe I have gone from not running a step to running for twenty minutes in just 5 weeks. Just goes to show what a good programme it is and how quickly you can improve your fitness! The 20 min run was a big psychological barrier for me and has been looming since the beginning of the programme, so even though I am still nervous about the rest of the course, I now know that I can make it, even if it's hard!

A very good day - celebratory dinner with one of my bridesmaids tonight!!

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I remember that run very well. Well done you, fantastic!!

Those voices in your head can get really loud at times, and the more you continue to more it does become a mental battle. I hit my wall at 8 mins in this morning, but persevered through to 30.... it's all in the head, it's all in the head, she says!!

Woohoo. Yeah! Congratulations x


Yes, absolutely, we ignore the demons that say no, we say yes!! Very well done on your Wk5R3. A tip of following weeks, you still need to take it easy and pace yourself. Several people have posted that they found them difficult, but mainly because they thought that if they could run twenty they could run anything. The advice on pacing holds more than ever.


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Yes, am not going to get complacent!! Slow and steady!! x

Celebratory bunting is being deployed in your name! Yay! Good job, you!

I start W5 on Friday....haven't even looked at it 'cause I'm so But yes, isn't C25K a great programme!?

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Good luck for tomorrow :) x


Well done , I know that feeling. But I felt so happy and it gave me confidence to carry on afterwards. I was very tired the next day. But now found the first two week 6 runs have gone well so obviously I have got used to it again. 25 minutes next! Good luck with week 6 x

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I am definitely aching today... but like you say it's a massive confidence boost to get on with the rest of it! x

Brilliant, well done you!!! You must be so chuffed! :)

I'm doing W4R3 tomorrow, and the W5R3 has been hanging over me since I started the programme! :s Worried it will be too hard, but just have to take it easy and see how it goes I guess...

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Definitely, try not to think about it until the day!!

Good luck with tomorrow's run!

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Thanks :) I'm sure I'll be posting if/when I conquer W5R3 too! :)


Brilliant, well done you!

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