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Finished week6 yoohoo

Last nite on the treadmill I ran for 25 minutes and it felt good no looking at my watch just concentrated on the televisions in the gym and soon laura was telling me i had 60 secs to go.

Want to use my own music but so used to laura telling me I have run 10 mins, I am halfway through, i have 60 secs to go ecthat I am not sure i will know when to start running after 5 mins and when to slow down but the pdocast music is not really my cup of tea so maybe will try using my own music for run 2 and 3 when I am in the gym.

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Well done Philippa, feels good doesnt it?!

I ditched Laura at this point too, as do so many others, so hope that helps you through week 7 and beyond. Best of luck! Sue


Well done to you! You are doing amazingly well! Laura is use to Getting dumped by now! Poor girl will have to move on to another newbie!! ;-) Gayle


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