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looking ahead - help from i-pod nano users please?

I have completed W8R1 today (yay!) and am starting to wonder what I will do after W9R3. I want to keep running, natch, as i am so pleased with my achievement, and I'd love to use my own music, but I fear I would miss Laura telling me how long I have done. I find it so hard to judge for myself, and I am really mixing up my routes now for variety, so can't judge by location. I am using an i-pod nano. If I put in a timed run will it give me audible markers I can hear over my music? Thanks guys.

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I have used an open-source sound editing package called Audacity to edit the podcasts and introduce my own music, this would work for the nano.

If you have got a smartphone you can use apps such as Runkeeper to set up runs with audible markers which will play over your chosen music.


Thanks. I will look up Audacity. :)


What a timely coincidence! My iPod was out of charge yesterday so used daughter's new nano instead. I'm also on W8 so she set the Workout function at 28 mins and, yes, audible time prompts - I was impressed. I don't have this function on my antique model but you might? Can't believe we've almost made it. All the best for your last 5 runs !


Thanks! It is so exciting having got this far. I remember starting Wk 1 for the first time over a year ago and being puggled during Wk 2. I started the programme for the third time in October this year, and this is the furthest I've ever got. When I completed my first ever 20 minutes I could hardly believe it. Amazing now, to think I might actually succeed before I turn 50 in March. Fingers crossed. Good luck to you to. Enjoy running!

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I use both the timed and distance with Laura and my own music and they work a treat. Some distances don't give you as many time checks so you can get a little lost. I used C25k+ which keeps Laura and then the distance on iPod nano! Good luck


Thanks. Once I've completed the programme I will hopefully have the confidence to try different combinations of distance / time / Laura / good sounds. :)


Hi there well done to you getting this far..!!

You say you have a nano iPod, does it have the Nike App for running installed..?

Well if it has't why not purchase the Nike App from iTunes store App's.

Then with your existing music on your computer, just make a new playlist in your iTunes application and transfer your playlist to your iPod Nano.

This will give you more options of your chosen music files that you prefer to listen to whilst running. So when you start the Nike running application on your iPod Nano, you can then select your distance and time of runs and then select your music or radio or any audio podcasts whilst you run. So if you select your music tab and then select your playlist which you have transferred to your iPod Nano. It may sound slightly complicated but just follow these steps and its all done for you.

The great thing about the Nike running App is that it stores and collates all your running times and distances and you can see exactly your progress and achievements when you attach the Nano iPod to your computer for current progress using the Nike application and website..

Try it.. you will not regret the minimum cost, I think the Nike app costs less than a £3.00 which is well worth the investment and effort that you will gain from continuing running.


There are 2 good sites... Podrunner .. you can choose tempo/length of run OR

an 8K programme if you are ambitious (running.about.com).

Good luck!


Thanks. I will check them out.


i'm only on week 8 but didn't have my mp3 the other day so just ran to a friends and took note of the time on my watch. Only did half of it and felt I still needed Laura to give me updates and encouragement. Think its a mental thing? She may have to be my running partner for life!


I graduated in January and am currently doing 5k runs twice a week.It usually takes me about 35 minutes. I'm now using the running function on my ipod and a playlist I made to suit my tastes. I set the app for 35 minutes and a voice-over tells me every 5 minutes what my progress is. On the last 5 min stretch it counts down one minute at a time. If it weren't for that I might not manage to keep going to the end. Still, I'm no longer on the couch ;)


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