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Week 7 finished!

w7r3 done. Best yet. I finally got Round to tracking it and I did 1.99 miles in my 25 mins which I am really thrilled about. Means I am running about 5 miles an hour which probably seems really slow to the expert runners but I just can't believe I am capable of doing that! I even managed to speed up at the end like Laura asked me too 😄

A question - I am now seeing that the end of the programme is fast approaching and I am thinking about what I will listen to when I don't have Laura (and the slightly dodgy music). Does anyone listen to Ebooks while running?

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Me. I am addicted currently to John Grisham novels. Gripping stuff! It means I'm not wishing for the end of a run as I don't want to stop listening.

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That is what I was hoping. I have reached a point now where I think I could just keep plodding along but I get bored! I think I will give it a try and hope I don't get run over because I get too engrossed!


I do only have one headphone in if I'm not on safe pavements ...


Well done for getting it done. You have only a few weeks now! If you type "music" in the search box here you'll find lots of posts where music ideas have been exchanged if you go down that road. Sorry I don't listen to ebooks so can't help but I'm sure you'll get plenty of ideas from others.


Well done WJ, nearly there now!

I find it difficult to maintain a rhythm (thank you spell checker!) if I'm not listening to music and think I will be relying on Beats Per Minute to help regulate my pace once I have graduated.

Good luck with the next couple of weeks!


Hi - some people learn new languages too - or useless facts! I gave up Laura in week 7 - but listened at my computer just to make sure I wasn't missing anything important. I had her by my side for my last, graduation run. Make sure you still stick to your target times. These last 3 weeks were tough for me - so don't be tempted to do more or faster - that will come. I'm no expert, but I feel the hard work is done by week 5 / 6 and then the last 3 are all about consolidation without injury. Good luck.


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