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I'm a winter runner, for sure!

I started the couch to 5k earlier in the year when it was still cold and dark and did really well. I can't fit in 3 runs a week because I also do Taekwondo and can't find the rest days otherwise. I had some breathing problems which caused me problems on and off for ages (have seen doctor/hospital and got it diagnosed) but I'm finally back on track.

Went out running today and LOVED it. I get so hot when I run so the colder evenings make it so much easier for me I can still feel the sweat dripping off me but my face doesn't feel like it will explode...much less stressful

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Fantastic news for you, Tkd!!

Taekwondo, you say? I will make a mental note of that and make sure that I don't say something to offend you!! I don't need beat up by a girl, or by anyone else for that matter!! :-)

Keep running!! :-)



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