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W3 repeated ..... R1 completed : )

This time it was much much easier. I think it makes a lot of difference to me whether I do my run in the morning, or in the afternoon. I was less fatigued, although my calves felt a bit tight throughout the run.

I had none of the problems with breathing I experienced last week. I was not gasping for air or panting, in fact I breathed through my nose the whole time. I chickened out of running outside as it was far too cold - treadmill will have to do for now.

I felt very satisfied. but could not stop thinking about W4 and the 5-minute runs! Just two more runs to go for this week though, alternating with weight training and elliptical machine on my non-running days - gotta melt that fat.

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You are doing great! Do you do a few stretches prior to running? I find it helps me with the tight muscles. I also find time of day etc. determines how my run goes. I admire all of those that can get up in the dark early morning and go! If I have a choice of warm bed/sleeping vs cold/running, I will chose my bed. ;-) You are doing well and as you see, this is a learning experience. You will find what works the very best for you. Gayle


Thanks. No generally I don't stretch. I don't think I would ever leave my bed to go into cold and dark morning to run! That will be a real test for me when I graduate to outdoor running - but I think I would wait until it's at least light and I have had my coffee first!


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