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Should have repeated W3 I think :(

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First blog folks though I've been soaking up your posts like a sponge for the past three weeks...

I was so determined to do this and though I've been approaching each new week with a little apprehension up til the weekend I was enjoying it. I was dreading W4 after reading what it entailed and I wondered if I should move on or repeat. I didn't feel I was running the 3 minutes with ease...

Working on the assumption I wouldn't know unless I tried I had a go at W4R1 tonight...

I almost did it... on both 5 minute runs I stopped and walked for ten paces about half way through before pushing myself on. Should I slog it out or reverse and get comfortable with W3 first? Any suggestions?

At this stage I should probably mention that I'm 48, 5 stone overweight, I've had rickets (osteomalacia) since childhood and have quite advanced osteoarthritis in my hips... Will I ever be able to do it I wonder?

My breathing has come on brilliantly, I don't need so much recovery time and the pain and stiffness in my hips the next day much improved but I'm not sure how much more I can do

I'm feeling a little deflated

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Well done on your achievement so far.

I can't really offer any advice except go with what feels right for you. It doesn't matter how long you take to do this there is no time limits.

If you haven't already, maybe you coluld have a check up/chat with your GP.

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Thank you Annie, I did see the doc before I bought my trainers and started trotting round the park in July. He said I won't do any damage, the fitness and weight loss can only be a good thing but that I physically may not be ale to cope with the pain.

He didn't count on my bloody-mindedness and high pain tolerance. I won't make either of my conditions any worse and think I'm probably being impatient with myself

Thanks for the support

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Hi and well done for getting started well on C25K :-)

From what you say you have a couple of health issues which could affect how you progress here and maybe you'll have to accept that (like a lot of other people) it could take you longer than 9 weeks to get through the programme.

Having said that, W4 is horrible. I found it by far the most strenuous week. So you don't need to feel bad about not completing a run perfectly the first time.

I think you should do what feels right too, personally I'd probably stay on W4 and keep plugging away at it till you get it. You weren't far off.

When I started this my aim was the 20 min run in W5. I'd had back problems for years and I just wanted to be able to go for a nice 20 min jog. Well, here I am, the help of the community here and my own bloodymindedness pushed me on.

If your doc is okay with you doing this - and I think you should ask, in view of your rickets and OA, then just take your time and do what feels best.

You were within 20 paces of completing the run, that doesn't sound like an impossible dream, just a not-quite completed run...

Good luck with the next one! :-)

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I simply couldn't do W4R1 at all. Then I tried R2 - and miraculously I could do it. I went on to R3 and then straight into W5. Have faith in the programme. Do the next two runs and if you survive move on.

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Well done for starting out on C25k and for getting to W4 without any hitches!

I agree with Mitts that W4 is tough. Don't be disheartened, your determination conta for a lot and it sounds like you so nearly did the run, I'm sure next time it'll be easier. You're already feeling the benefits in your breathing and improved recovery. Just carry on doing the W4 runs until you are confident you can do it, and then move on.

Believe me, you are not alone! We all struggle at times n this programme but it DOES work! And we're here to help, and to share your good ( and anxious or just plain bad) moments!

Let us know how itt goes.

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Thank you for your support. Well I decided to go on with week 4 as 'nothing ventured' as the saying goes... Thursday I was looking forward to it, planned where I would run but it was a disaster. Several reasons but I cut it short and came home. Saturday R3 was a funny one. I was visiting my parents 200 miles from home and don't know the area well. I found a route on google maps and even though I knew I couldn't do it (mostly mental I know my confidence has gone) I pushed myself. I did run most of it but I even struggled with the 3's... I did say that although I'd managed all of week 3 I wasn't running the 3 minutes comfortably so I definitely need to repeat. I wondered about repeating w4 until I'm there but no, I need the confidence boost so tonight I do W3r1 again and I stay there until I can do it with ease. Thanks again everyone x

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