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This must be the longest week 9 ever

I should have graduated about a week ago but this pesky cold or manflu has laid me low and massively impacted my newly acquired fitness levels. After a miserable attempt at final run ended in disaster about a week ago I've rested up and perhaps not done enough. Lungs still not back to full working order so I went back to week 6 Saturday and did the 5-8-5 runs and it was ok, and today I made up my own routine of 2k run, 500m walk, 2k run and it went reasonably well too. Was tough and still feeling the effects of the cold on my chest but I'm getting back there. May attempt final wk9 run wednesday but will make a call on the day.

Getting anxious that I have set myself back rather further than should have happened by not listening to my body or advice of others, and that I may struggle with my charity 5k on 25th November. Need to keep positive and push myself more in coming weeks whilst being realistic. Was thinking in back of mind to target my charity 5k at 25 minutes but that's now unrealistic so will stick with the 5k in 30min, and will be chuffed when I achieve it.

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Get well soon!


Chusan51 I have had the same as you. I was fortunate in that I was able to continue running week 9, even though I knew that I was going down with it. Run 3 was really tough. You have done the right thing, and although you feel let down your health comes first. I last ran last week on Monday-stepping stones-and really shouldn't have done, so have done the same as you and rested up this week.

We went to a firework display last night at Poole Quay, so brisk walked down the quay and back to the car park-about 5 minutes each way. It knocked me up, so going to go out in the morning, same as you, and see how I go, but I am not going to push myself. if i feel rough I will stop.

You need to be fit for the 25th, so keeping this in mind see how you are coping. Let me know the link for your sponsoring and I will donate-i do to all the charity runners.

I wish you well-it is a horrible bug-and good luck for the morning :-)

Colette xx


Thank you so much for the encouragement, it really helps. Off for an attempt at the 30mins soon, wish me luck. Here is my charity link but please dont feel oblidged to donate, though of course every penny helps.



woooohooooo - I did it. Graduation run in the bag, and in some style too at the end. 5.2km!!! Thanks for the encouragement.


Well done Tom!! Yeeeah! YOU DID IT!!! 3>!

Wow! I've just donated to the cause. Don't know why, but I thought you were of the fairer sex, lol!! Got a bit of a shock, as I didn't read your name at the bottom of the blog :-).

Let us know how it goes Tom.


thank you so much, that really was so kind and I massively appreciate the support. London marathon next - well, after this tiny glass of Cava. Thanks


Only a tiny glass-c'mon, you deserve a full glass of Cava, something to celebrate here.

Wow! London Marathon-now that is setting your sights high! :-)


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