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Are you about to do week 9 this Christmas week?

After a few setbacks, minor injuries and life getting busy - I find myself finally on the brink of week 9. I'm planning to fit the first run in early on Christmas Eve, and the last by next Sunday.

I know many people have said this before me - but I can't believe I've got this far. I've been happy to do it on my own - but it now feels funny to be limbering up to cross the magic line alone. Afterwards park runs beckon, and I've signed up for a charity 5k. My running buddy and I will finally get to do some runs together.

But I wondered if there was anyone else out there who's planning to brave the rain, the wind and the cold this week in order to graduate. I like the idea of a silent team of dogged and determined runners - each one completing their own journey - but all over the UK crossing the final line as part of an invisible team.

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Well done, I will be doing week 8 so not far behind you. I hope to complete my graduation run first week of the new year. Hope this week goes well for you. I like the thought of all the other invisible fellow graduates. Merry Christmas, good luck and all the best for the new year.


Fingers crossed - but it's only a couple of minutes more each week. It's exciting after the slog of the middle weeks. You'll be able to give big encouraging smiles to all those new year resolution runners. I want to run in my local park with the tshirt on - although really I'd need a sign saying if I can do it anyone can



I'm graduating this week too! Ran W9R1 yesterday! Managed to dodge the rain too! That was my first run in 10 days as I've been off running with a cough and sore throat! It was so good to get out there again! I should graduate on Boxing Day!

I'm so excited and can't wait to graduate! Good luck with your running this week!


Enjoy every moment of the last stretch - imagine all the other week 9ers cheering you on! I'll be just a few days behind you. While millions are still on the couch - we'll be out with the runners. I know when I get to last stretch I'll want to mo-bot and run around the park shouting I've done it - but people might think I'm crazy so that might have to wait til I'm back in my kitchen. Good luck - invisible team Christmas right behind you!


Good luck on your graduation week, what a great present to your self. Personally I'll be joining some of the others from these forums on the Virtual challenge that has been set up on Endomondo as a way of motivation myself to get up off the couch.


I will graduate tomorrow (well I guess as its past midnight... Today!!!). Christmas Eve graduation present for myself :)! I can't wait, but I have to admit I'm a little scared of what happens next? What will I do without guidance?

Good luck with your last couple of runs. I might treat myself to a mince pie after tomorrow's run (I have managed to avoid them up until this point as I'm trying to lose weight).

Look how far you have come :).

Merry Christmas!!



Hope all went well - what a good way to start Xmas. I got week 9 r1 under my belt.

It was one of those days when my legs felt like lead - but kep going.

Congratulations - an a happy running new year!


Yes, I'm going to do my final run tomorrow - cant wait!!


Hey - hope it's a fantastic run for yoy. I'm glad to be finishing now - just before the new year starts. I think it will be a massive high - and I really want to keep it up. I'm worried it might feel a bit odd afterwards - so might have to be brave enough to try a park run soon. in the meantime Boxing Day means week 9r2 for me.

At least I'll be starting 2013 having done one of 2012's resolutions :)


hi just completed week 9 run 2 determined to graduate! so proud of myself not only running in Christmas week but working all week too,


i completed week 9 in christmas week, Delighted to have graduated!!


Fantastic - amazing feeling isn't it ? Here's to starting 2013 as a runner - I've signed up for a charity 5k in acoue of months - and aiming in the meantime to use 5k+ podcasts to actually get to 5k in 30 mins. Good luck fellow Xmas graduate!


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