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Well, after all your wonderful support what a Damp Squib my W8R1 turned out to be!!!

I have been sitting in my running gear since 07.00 a.m. wondering whether floating 5kms would count!!!

Just bizarre, you all gave me that wonderful inspiration and even in my sleep I was psyched up for it if my dreams are anything to go by!!!

What happens.... I wake up to thunderous rain and our little garden stream (which is fed by the mountains) beginning to look more like a gushing river.

I have masses to do for a set of lectures which start on Wednesday, the preparation of which I have been badly sabotaging and am now sitting here waiting for the rain to stop not really engaging in the priorities that are screaming for my attention - BLIMEY one missed run and I'm not liking it - bordering on addiction I think!!!

Anyway.... Thank you all of you who came to my aid yesterday... I will store those helpful gems and keep them at the ready for when I can do this thing :-)

Sooo Cheers and good luck (as Julie/Pinkus has already said in her Blog) to everyone doing their W8R1 and I hope I can join you soon, Sara :-)

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Oh no what a shame Sara, especially when you are so in the "zone"!! Sounds like the weather we had here yesterday......

Sooooo addictive, you are right! I'm working from home due to my back and all I can think of is getting out there to run. I hope it clears up soon and you can get out there and feed that addiction!! Sue x


Thanks Sue - I'm determined to get there today... Looks like the rain is easing but it'll be a wet one when I go. Cab't keep the Zone waiting LOL!!!

Thanks for the website Sue - I've printed off those Heel exercises - wonderful :-) xox


Never mind, it'll stop raining soon! Well, I'll be doing W8R1 tomorrow early before a heavy day's work in Bologna ... once we're on Week 9 let's arrange a comunal celebration with all the week eighters!


You're on - that's a date :-)!! Good luck to you Delia, Sara xox


Hope you got out for your run - I did week 8 run 1 this morning, and I'm relieved that it was MUCH better than anticipated - I did not enjoy week 7, and was beginning to think that running wasn't going to suit me because everything hurt! However, it's all good today and I even managed to smash the 4km barrier so I'm well chuffed.

Let us know how you get on - looking forward to the week 9 celebration! :-)


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