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We've been away for the weekend and I was looking forward to getting out for w3r1. It was sunny and bright and I left at 3pm. I had to faff about with the podcast at the start and ended up a bit behind, I couldnt get Laura to start at the start for some reason. So after sirking/jumpinfg frozen puddles I got to the end of the podcast. Because I'd missed the starrt of the podcast I decided to do a bit more running after Laura had finished and managed a further 3min and 2min run. Wow! I've done it and a bit more and feel brilliant. I'm quite enjoying the dark,after work run but what a difference to run in daylight when other folk might be about.

Best wishes to all doing the C25K. I hope we all enjoy it as much as I am now!!!

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Hi isabella,

well done for starting W3. I am starting W2 tomorrow and enjoying it so far. Good luck and keep going.


Thanks BigEd. Good luck with W2 today.


Great job in reaching week 3, you are hooked now!!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks for the support Gayle.


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