PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME.... Desperate for inspiration and pepping up - W8 looms tomorrow morning - HEEEEELLLPPPP!!!!!

Hello everyone... I've been doing reasonably well, managing every run and occasionally hitting the 5k mark (by some freak of nature I think!!) - anyway, all of a sudden I feel really nervous, unsure and to top it all there's a bit of a tummy bug going around but I'm determined not to miss tomorrow.

Can anyone send me a few tips about how to face this mountain because even tho' it's only 3 minutes more than W7, it really feels like a hammer is about to fall....

For any tips, gems of inspiration or just some whacky humour to set me straight I truly thank you, Sara :-)


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14 Replies

  • Hey Sara, only 3 easy peasy minutes are added, you know you can do it, just choke that negative talking gremlin and toss him to the side! You can do this regardless how daunting it sounds...this program has prepared you every step of the way. My suggestion would be to slow down just enough that you know you will get through the added time. This will also mean you may need to prepare yourself for not reaching a 5k distance. Weeks 6-8 were difficult for me due to various reasons. I believe this program is so much more a mental challenge then physical one. Just know I will be thinking of you and will be awaiting a very positive blog posting from you! BTW: I did get the message, I will write you soon. I have been away from the computer so using my phone. Gayle

  • Bless you Gayle and thank you :-). You are right I know but your advice about slowing down so I know I can finish is a good mental tip. Again, you are right, I truly believe this programme starts to allow us to see ourselves differently because of the mental challenges and boundaries we are pushing through.... arrrggghh :-) LOL!

    I guess you now look back at those weeks 6-8 and think that in spite of the difficulties in your life you still actually got through and that also inspires me :-).

    Reading everyone's posts I see that most people do seem to reach a point where they get hit by some sort of gremlin munchkin eating away at the positive beats in the brain. Right, I CAN do this and I WILL slow down and not try to match my last time - I WILL shuffle to the beat and think "only 3 more 'easy peasy minutes'"!!!

    Thanks Gayle and hear from you anon. Will definitely post WHEN I get back after completing the run. Cheers and thanks, Sara :-) x

  • Good luck Sara, you'll be fine, it's only 3 little tiny minutes :-)

    I'm right behind you, I'll be running Tuesday. Go, go, go xox

  • oooohh, thank you Delia - it's silly isn't it... it really is only 3 minutes - what's the big deal!! Good luck you too Delia, I'll be thinking of you. I'll post tomorrow to let you know how it went. I'm going, going... :-) xox

  • I can identify with the nerves! I did week 7 run 3 this afternoon, and haven't felt that I have an extra three minutes in my legs (or mind) at any stage this week. With all the encouragement on here, maybe I might brave week 8 rather than repeating 7...

  • Oh gracious RainbowC... I gave myself a two day break after 7/3, just to rest and to psych BUT it's these inspiring messages that have given me the boost. Good luck and as Gayle (above) said... I'm going to just run slower so in my mind I know I can manage it. I'm also going to drive to the river path so it will be a flat surface rather than up and down inclines.

    Good luck and keep us all posted and I'll post tomorrow about how it went. Cheers and good luck, Sara :-)

  • This part of the programme is definitly more of a mental battle.

    Look at it differently, put a positive spin on it ~ you know you can do the 25 minute run from week 7 and you know you can do the 3 minute run from week 3 right? So all you are doing is adding a run you know you can do to another run you know you can do :)

    You will smash it, good luck, keep us posted!

  • Doggymum - hi, hi... thank you soooo much for your wonderful 'spin' - I loved it and it made me laugh :-), thank you.

    I got up ready for my early morning mental challenge and it was pissing down, still is. This mountain rain, when it comes, is torrential and there's no going out for the next few hours :-(!! What a damp squib after everyone's help and support!! I'll just treasure the gems of advice for my next opportunity.

    Thanks again, Sara :-)

  • I think it really does become a mental battle; I had a similar bout of negativity at roughly the same point. You just have to get out there and do it - doing it is more important than speed or distance. So go as slowly as is comfortable and worry about speed afterwards,

  • Boudicca, thank you :-). Interesting this phase of negativity but I think with any challenge one takes on there always comes an uncomfortable 'pushing through' time. I honestly didn't think I'd get affected, I was having so much fun :-). It's good to here your experience of this stage, thank you.

    I got up ready for my early morning mental challenge and it was pissing down, still is. This mountain rain, when it comes, is torrential and there's no going out for the next few hours :-(!! What a damp squib after everyone's help and support!! I'll just treasure the gems of advice for my next opportunity.

    Thanks again, Sara :-)

  • Morning Sara...Pinkus here...Well I have just blogged about my first run W8....I did it and so will you...Just remember to pace yourself, I had no choice this morning due to Hot North Wind Blowing in my Face setting the pace for me...But just take it a bit at a time, listen to Laura and you will be fine. BTW did you get any emails from should have, if not is the email address thats where I sent the final one....please let me know. Had real trouble downloading sportstracker....Anyway GOODLUCK YOU CAN DO THIS !!! XXX

  • Hi honey - I did the w8r1 last night. I really struggled with w7 but felt that I had got into the zone on my first w8 run. It all felt so much easier and more comfy. I could have gone on for another 5 or 10 mins as found my automatic pilot (the Radio 4 comedy podcats (free on itunes) really help as I forget I am running). Have faith in the programme and go beat up that gremiln....

  • Oooh Lucy... comedy podcasts... Freeee!?!?! on iTunes??? Surely that's an oxymoron - ha ha :-)!!

    Lucy I'm really pleased you got it going. The rain's just stopping so I may be able to go out soon. WELL DONE you :-)

    If you're on line can you tell me something - if you've ditched Laura, do you just time your 5 minute walk and then use a mapper for timing the run while running your own 'music'??

    Cheers, Saraxox

  • Hi Sara - the podcasts happen to be 28 mins - pure fluke!! I do the 5 min walk with Laura (still need her to kick me into a run!). The warm down walk is as long as it takes me to walk back up the hill to my house. I plot runs on to get an idea of progress and reasonable turn around point.

    There are lots of free BBC Radio podcasts on itunes so whatever grabs your fancy - from history, art, politics, Radio 1. Another one that I am planning to use on graduation is audiobooks. I struggle with boredom on longruns and need distraction to keep going...

    Had a rubbish FAIL inside on treadmill at the gym today.Ipod on the blink so had the american election on TV - world changing it may be but I lost the will to live at 17 mins and slunk off. Trying again tomorrow back outside. Best of luck!

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