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Suprisingly - Still Running!!

I had a week away in Portugal last week and I took my running stuff but wasn't sure if I could persuade myself to run on holiday. I was up to Week 6 and found the first run easy and was pretty chuffed because I'd read so many other blogs telling me that week 6 was a tough one. Run 2 did not go so well, I managed the first 10 mins really easily and thought for the first time "I'm enjoying this running lark". When it was time for the 2nd run I managed about 2 mins before I had to stop. I walked the rest of the way round it was a shame because I'd got into a running rhythm in the first 10 mins and I just couldn't pick it up again. When I got home on Friday I was planning my Saturday run. I wasn't sure whether to do wk 6 r 2 again or to move on. I moved on and although I found that 25 mins an incredibly long time I did keep going and kept my mantra going "It doesn't matter about speed or duration it's all about keeping going however slow".

This worked and needless to say I felt so pleased with myself after it.

Still not lost any weight though, I'm hoping that the pounds will start to budge with the longer runs!

Wk 7 tomorrow, dare I say that I am looking forward to it!!

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christ alive!! you ran for 10 mins and then 25 mins?? well done you!!!

i cant imagine running the three minutes I think Laura has in store for me tomorrow, never mind 10!!

you're almost at the finish line with a graduation and i totally agree with the slow but going for it mantra.

keep on running!!



We all have good runs and bad runs and I have a feeling you will do great with week 7! I have not had any weight loss even though I watch 80% of the time what I eat...but I am toning and had to part with some clothes that were getting to big. Wishing you a successful week 7! :-) Gayle


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