Running in Kenya - nearly didn't make it!

Now I know what people mean by a "bad run". This was Wk 6 run 2. It should have been easy after running for 20 minutes in week 5, but the first few minutes I was breathless and thought I'd never make it. I slowed right down - though not to a walk - and managed to keep going. Strange how one day is harder than another.. Like lots of people I do NOT like the music! I realize they have a copyright problem and need a definite beat, but what about some classical music or something like the Dam Busters?

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  • Yes, I could run to the Dam Busters! I have abandoned Laura for the run but still have her for the warm up walk! How about Chariots of Fire? :)

    Lots of people struggle on W6. Its hard to get motivated again. :)

  • Well, maybe we should collect some music that is out of copyright and post it somewhere? I wonder why week 6 is hard - which one are you on?

  • I like running to iron maiden, but I end up singing, so I'm sticking with Laura for now!

  • Love the idea of the dam busters and chariots of fire - must get the teenager onto it

  • What a good idea! They would know the best source.

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