Park Run No 2 - completed and so chuffed with my time

I did my first park run back in July before I had graduated and my time was 33.14 which I was very pleased with. What with holidays, injuries and other family commitments I have not got round to doing another one.

Since my first one a new Park Run has been set up just down the road from me so much more convenient (but not as pleasant surrounding). It was 3 degrees when I went out this morning and very cold hanging around to start. There wasn't as many people as at my first Park Run (which was Black Park) and I was a little worried I would be at the back of the pack. As we started everyone seemed to whizz past me but there were still a number of us there bringing up the rear. The first 1k was a killer, my breathing was awful couldn't seem to take in long deep breaths, just kept gasping. At the 1k marker I thought only 2k to go, then remember it's 3 miles/5k - DOH!!!!!

Bit mucky underfoot at times so wet muddy feet but I set my Garmin when I set off and stopped it at the end and I have a time of ..................31.54 - I have the biggest grin ever.

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  • Excllent well done. Which Parkrun is it? I did the Cambridge one this morning.

    Also very wet and muddy. I did it in 35 mins but my excuse is i am only on

    week 3 of the plan. Looking forward to graduating before the spring hopefully


  • It was the Wycombe Rye one. Excellent for achieving 35 mins if only on week 3. I would encourage anyone who has been thinking of doing a Park Run but is a bit nervous, to go and do one. Everyone is really friendly, they are really well organised and marshalled and you feel so good afterwards.

    Go on go for it !!!

  • Ok thats cool. Yes i agree about the Parkruns they are excellent

    for meeting people and running with like minded runners. If you

    are nervous everyone is really helpful and friendly. Ed x

  • So you should well done excellent time, well done :-)

  • wow, great time, well done! :-)

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