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Park Run No 2 - completed and so chuffed with my time

I did my first park run back in July before I had graduated and my time was 33.14 which I was very pleased with. What with holidays, injuries and other family commitments I have not got round to doing another one.

Since my first one a new Park Run has been set up just down the road from me so much more convenient (but not as pleasant surrounding). It was 3 degrees when I went out this morning and very cold hanging around to start. There wasn't as many people as at my first Park Run (which was Black Park) and I was a little worried I would be at the back of the pack. As we started everyone seemed to whizz past me but there were still a number of us there bringing up the rear. The first 1k was a killer, my breathing was awful couldn't seem to take in long deep breaths, just kept gasping. At the 1k marker I thought only 2k to go, then remember it's 3 miles/5k - DOH!!!!!

Bit mucky underfoot at times so wet muddy feet but I set my Garmin when I set off and stopped it at the end and I have a time of ..................31.54 - I have the biggest grin ever.

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Excllent well done. Which Parkrun is it? I did the Cambridge one this morning.

Also very wet and muddy. I did it in 35 mins but my excuse is i am only on

week 3 of the plan. Looking forward to graduating before the spring hopefully



It was the Wycombe Rye one. Excellent for achieving 35 mins if only on week 3. I would encourage anyone who has been thinking of doing a Park Run but is a bit nervous, to go and do one. Everyone is really friendly, they are really well organised and marshalled and you feel so good afterwards.

Go on go for it !!!


Ok thats cool. Yes i agree about the Parkruns they are excellent

for meeting people and running with like minded runners. If you

are nervous everyone is really helpful and friendly. Ed x


So you should well done excellent time, well done :-)


wow, great time, well done! :-)


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