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Winter has finally arrived here !

I live on the north bank of the Loire, and my normal run is along a path along the river bank. Up until this weekend it has remained quite warm, but this weekend the temperature has plumeted to just above zero with an early morning frost.

I was planning to do my sunday run in the morning as soon as it was light, but seeing the thick frost, and feeling a bit icky, I decided to leave it until I was feeling a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed.

In the end I set out at 14h00, having left enough time for beans on toast lunch to go down. I decided to get out some of the winter running gear. Running tights with shorts over the top, skiing base layer, thin running top, running hoody, woolly hat, thin thermal gloves. I felt the nip in the air as soon as I left the house. But the sky was clear, so in the sun it felt rather warm. In the shade of the trees along the little road running down to the river however, I was glad of the extra layers of insulation.

I normally run in the early morning, it is fairly quiet then, just the odd dog walker, and fellow runer and cyclist. Early afternoon is completely different. Lots and lots of walkers, it really is quite a slarlem running between them all :)

This was my first longer run for a while. I'm still building up fitness since a series of injuries and colds that have kept me running only sporadically since march. This month looks like it might be my first since march running consistently 3 times a week. My normal runs at the moment are just over 5km. I decided to give the hilly route a try, and take it gently. In the end I did a fairly gentle 9km, and felt quite good afterwards. Did the normal 5 mins of stretches at the end before a 5 min warm down walk home.

Happy running folks :)

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Sounds idyllic... I so envy you the running route by the Loire..I have cycled along it.. in lovely balmy weather... Just the thought of it makes me feel warm!

It is very chilly here, but, as you say, with a blue sky and a spot of sunshine... you soon feel warmer.

I am not as far on in running as you.. Week six. Run 3 tomorrow,,, weather and icy lanes permitting, but am enjoying it immensely. Seeing lots of wildlife and amusing the sheep in the fields with my running style! Next year I will be in La Belle France again and able to run in the sunshine too!

Take it easy, stay warm and enjoy your runs.:)


Well done for starting C25K. It is a wonderful thing. I, as my name suggests am 52, and until Sept last year hadnt run since school, and then only under duress. I am now thoroughly adicted to it. Good old Laura, she has a lot to answer for :)

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She does indeed... I have a few years on you.. I am 65! Like you, I am getting hooked and miss the days when I do not run.. I do the Strength and Flex on my rest day.

I was a runner in my youth.. even ran for the County, but I was a teenager then..and mostly it was sprinting and things like the 440 yds and the 880 yds.. pre metric!!! What fun!

Just wanted to do this to stay healthy... and to tone up after 6 weeks holiday in France in the Autumn...( too much good food and maybe the odd glass of wine) :)

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Yes winter has also arrived here (Grenoble). Daytime temperatures have dropped from mid-teens to low single figures in the space of a couple of days and the mountains have snow on them now. Its very pretty. Haven't been for a daytime run yet, but am looking forward to it. Have switched to leggings for evening runs. (Have a nice warm pair from Decathlon)


Yes mine are from décathlon too. I am Décathlon man, all my stuff is from Décathlon except the running tops for winter which are from Cora as they are warmer than the décathlon tops I have that are for summer.

My new running shoes are even from Décathlon. Up until récently I was buying Brooks Ghost 7s from Runners Need in the UK. My latest pair are Adidas Boost from Décathlon though, and I really like them :)


So many of us are in France. Here in Normandy we went from almost summer weather last week to virtual winter. I always run outside so I am feeling it. I don't run along the magnificent Loire but next to a bubbling Brook called the guigne which flows into the orne which flows into the Loire. Happy frosty running.

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