w2r3 - cow dodging!

Just completed a very cold and extremely windy run, amongst a herd of wooly mammoth looking cows (the fur I mean, they didn't have trunks!). I must say that the cows worried me at first, I was pertrified that they would stampede at me. But then I thought that it would be a stupid farmer indeed to turn his cows out in a public nature park if they might trample someone.

Endomondo said it was a pb, although I'm sure plenty would laugh at my 13.42 minute mile! I'm thinking that the cows may have indirectly helped with my time today. All the leaps I had to do to avoid the cowpats probably sped me up a bit. The new buff was a godsend, no frozen gizzard today and it prevents the wind from stealing your breath.

Anyway, now to download w3 which starts on sunday.


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11 Replies

  • Cows have a way of keeping you MOOOOOOving!! :-). I'm sorry...I couldn't resist!!

    Congratulations on your new PB and Keep Running!! :-)


  • :) Tickled me. Thanks for the congrats on the pb, although the time is laughable!! Gotta start somewhere though, although I can't ever see me beating Roger Bannister.

  • I'm glad to hear the buff helped you. I used mine yesterday on my head - it was perfect folded with about 3 layers on my ears and one thin layer over my head, but open at the top/back. i think a hat would have been too warm.

  • It really did. Thanks to you for that golden nugget of info. My mother nearlt carked it when I said I'd been running in the buff though!

  • I have just ordered one of these (never knew what it was before!!) and it looks great; so many ways to wear it......Had to get it in pink of course to match everything else!!! Sue x

  • Well done rfawag! The image of you leaping over cowpats as they look on in amusement made me chuckle!

    As for this buff thing - I have heard it mentioned a few times on here but didnt know what it was so just went and checked it out and have ordered myself one too - it looks like an essential piece of kit!


  • Mine is pink too! Lidl also have them on special this week (ski wear). £2.99 for the ones with a polar fleece section. Only in black, but I still got one. Yes, I have all the gear. I am a two buff gal now!

  • Ooooh! Will have to check Lidl out and be a two buff gal too......

  • despite having had a farm I HATE cows...to be truthful I'm a bit scared of them.......and you can't rely on the fact that they are on a public footpath to think they are docile...if they have calves they can be unpredictable. Shall look into this buff thing (had no idea what you were on about) Living up here in Scotland I think I will need one (it is a sort of hat/scarf ???)

  • Hi, a buff is basically like a tube of fabric, which can be worn as a scarf/snood/headband/facemask/balaclava/hat/scrunchie/bandana and more. I am just south of the border, and the wind up here can be vicious. The buff stops the wind from stealing my breath away. I only found out what one was a couple of days ago thanks to another c25k contributor, and already find mine indispensible. Here is a link to the actual 'buff' brandname site, which shows you all about them. But I reckon for £2.99, the Lidle fleece ones are worth a try.


  • Yes, sorry, Lidl have polar fleece ones on special right now. In with all the ski wear!

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