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This morning i learnt that i should take things slow to start of with. I can still feel the pain in my muscles. oh and i have found a muscle that i didn't even know existed!! How you ask? Well its sore. Lets just take a moment and thank God for Deep heat!!

Any way. in my previous posts i said i would see how i get on today as to whether i needed to do another week of week 2 before diving into week 3. I will be doing another week of week 2. I can feel my stamina raising, but my muscles are still not used to moving. even though i have been doing this for 4 weeks now.

I know i need to stretch more before i run, because my muscles on my calves tighten so much.

I also found waking up at 5am quite hard this morning again.... i just think i need an earlier night. The good thing i guess about getting up early this morning, is that i was back in my house before the rain started.

I am only on week 2, but i need to teach my body to move again. slowly and steady wins the race they say! (I know its not a race, its a lifestyle change!)

i am trying to lose weight throughout this process. so far i have lost just over 1 stone.. i had a bit of a bad day yesterday on the bad food front. My husband had some mini eggs. I cant resist chocolate. so had a few mini eggs.

Chocolate is bad for me! and need to learn to handle myself around it. This mistake could cause me to put on a pound or two, and i want to be losing every week.

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:D I shouldn't chuckle but I did so at the description of your finding of the muscle you didn't know existed! Thank goodness indeed for Deep Heat; it is quite remarkable stuff. I got through a fair ol' bit in the early days of the programme too. Tight muscles and soreness are to be expected though; I'm in week nine and still get them. It's all very new to us, remember, this running thing. Try some calf stretches; I found these helped quite a lot around week four when I was experiencing really tight calves.

If you feel you need to repeat week two then go for it; better to repeat a week than move on before you're ready and dishearten yourself. You could try W3R1 and see how you get on; if you struggle much more then revert back to week two? But if you feel redoing week two is the best option, go for that. As you say, it's not a race and progressing at your own pace is the only way.

Well done on your running, but also your weight loss too; that's great going, congratulations. :-) Don't feel bad about a few Mini Eggs though (they are delicious, I do agree) as if you've been good all week, a little treat won't hurt, and indeed, is better for you than continually denying yourself such goodies and getting fed up with things.

Well done, again. Happy resting and good luck with whichever run you decide to do next. :-)


Its ok to chuckle at the jokes i put on here. They are there to be enjoyed by everyone. :)

Mini eggs are sooooo good. thanks for your encouragement.

The encouragement i am getting from this forum is just overwhelming.


Well done on the weight loss and on running.You need to listen to your body and if it means repeating a run or a week so what! Far better to do that than end up injured or discouraged.Keep reading this forum because it gives a lot of good advice but also shows you that if you stick with the programme(repeats and all) you will do it!!!


Stretch between runs, on rest days, not just before and after your run.

Your pre-run stretch, if you do one, should come after the warm up walk. Current advice is not to stretch cold muscles.

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Well done on continuing to get out there and making that change. Repeat as much as you need, I think you are taking a very sensible approach, I have also stretched this programme out so it's taken me longer to get to week 9.

I have to say in relation to deep heat I can not praise the gods but rather curse them, it's vile evil stuff that burns, oh the burning..... I am allergic to it :( oh wouldn't it be easier if I wasn't.

Don't beat yourself up about the mini eggs either, we all need a treat sometimes and a few is ok.


Well done for getting out there....early starts and all !

You should do the programme at your own pace and only move onto the next week when you feel ready to....there's no need to look ahead to what the next week entails if you don't want to

( I often didn't read ahead ...though by reading other posts on here I had a rough idea of what was to come ).

Well done too on your weight loss so far...I agree with the others on don't need to beat yourself up over a few mini eggs :)..... there should always be small treats along the way.

If you love chocolate...and who doesn't ?...keep some of the nice dark choc in the fridge and have just a square or two when you feel the need - you can't eat too much of it like some of the sweeter stuff.

Keep coming back here when you need support,advice ,motivation etc ...and keep posting so we can all share your progress.

You've made a great start ....and with a name like Laura ...well, you can't fail :)


Be proud of yourself for doing this and losing weight. Maybe just do an extra week 2 run and see how it goes.

I bought myself a resistance tube which I can use to help with stretching and strength work! There are plenty of clips on YouTube.

I was very unfit to start off with and have lost over 5 stone so I know it can seem like a struggle at times! But hang in there! I am a totally different person now! I feel fantastic now! Good luck and hang in there! :-)


Before I started on the C25k I had lost a stone on the Atkins diet and hubby had lost 2.5 stone (I appreciate, he's a bloke plus he nibbled on biscuits etc a lot which I didn't). We started on the Race for life plan and did that for two weeks then I found the C25k so we now have just completed the 3rd run of week 2. Already I am hoping that we will be doing our three runs a week for the rest of our lives. I am so worried that we will suddenly find that we can't continue due to injury or whatever. I have read on this site that people tend to find the 2nd run of each week the hardest and this week I must agree. I also read that it's probably a good idea to do a couple of leg stretches after the five minute warm-up, before the first jog. We did that today, but don't know, as yet, if it was beneficial as such.


Well done! Your weight loss is amazing!! I haven't lost any and I'm up to week 3. But then I'm doing it for improved fitness rather than weight loss. I did repeat week 2 and I am doing 4 runs in week 3, but mainly so I can start week 4 on Monday appealing to my sense of order lol! (And so I don't have to remember how many runs I've done in a week)


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