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Anyone out there who doesn't find the runs become more enjoyable?

Just wondering. Because 90% of the time I go to do my other-daily run I still have a "but I'd rather be on the couch" train of thinking.

I'm thinking maybe this is because I took 7 months to do C25K rather than the 9 weeks suggested *shamefaced* Things did get in the way, but a lot of that was probably just laziness as well.

I've found the runs are more enjoyable in that, I don't feel like I'm dying quite so often anymore, but I'm still not all that enamoured by the actual run itself [and also, when I say run, for me, that basically means a slow jog]. I do enjoy the halfway through and 2minutes left messages tho :D (since graduating I've switched to C25K Christian W9 Podcast as it was less monotonous than the original beats (sorry Laura)).

(My schedule now allows me to run Mon, Wed, and Fri, then I have the weekend off, rather than the constantness and I'm thinking the routine structure might help me get into the groove a bit more)

So yeah, anyone out there who understands what I'm rambling on about? xD

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Yes, I struggle sometimes to get out there especially with the winter coming etc. I have to try not to give in to the excuses in my head for not going. A routine helps me because the guilt if I don't go can be worse than doing the exercise.

TBH I am still a bit in 2 minds about running. I haven't quite completed Week 9 and at the beginning of the week I was thinking is this really what I want to do for fitness? I've done classes for most of my adult life and I do like the structure of someone else telling me what to do and when so I can't just be lazy. I gave up all my cardio classes so I could do the programme, that goal has kept me going so far but I did expect to enjoy it more.

What I do like is the level of fitness I'm getting from running and there are moments when I think, hey I CAN do this!


hi Im only on week 1 but have done this plan before...I agree with you about rather staying on the couch my recolition Ive never seen a happy jogger :-p but saying that I am always glad and feel better when Ive done the run


There seem to be lots of happy joggers on this site! maybe it will rub off on us :D


I've only just "graduated" - took far longer than 9 weeks and still not doing 5km in 30 mins - And I absolutely know what you are rambling on about :-)

Have to say the main thing that keeps me getting up at 6am (I am a Mon,Wed,Fri person too), apart from the fact I need to loose weight and get fit, is the knowledge that I feel great when it is over!

For me it is the fact that I can do this when son in bed - doesnt need much scheduling - but enjoying it? I'll let you know ;-)

Keep on Running! We'll all get there in the end - or so they say :-)


I've no idea what distance I've actually been running. It's true, afterwards I do feel proud of myself (: Well done us for getting through it so far!


good God yes!!

at the moment every run is a struggle.

but do you know what, i feel epic every time I get home after being out. a real achievement. I may have had a few bad runs recently (im only in week 2 - for the first time) but im still of the firm determined belief that I will eventually get to the end of the program.

im doing this for health reasons and im already feeling the benefit. I dont want to particularly lose weight (i happen to like my curves) but i want to get fit to reduce bp, reduce stress and increase the good things in life :-)

soooo -- what Im rambling on about is - there are people on here just like you who find this a hard slog but please try and see it as a positive hard slog!! focus on that.

well, that and the fact that if you get out running, you can sit on the couch sometimes and have a good old slob out - but without feeling guilty.

keep on running! keep on blogging and let us know how you get on.



I think I wrote this blog! In fact, had my very first organized 5K last weekend. I was nervous and dreading it. I even mentioned if it was a possibility to skip it and just sit on the couch watching 5K's on TV. Would it count?? ;-) Almost every single run, I want to quit the first minutes after I start, eventually something kicks in and I continue. No matter all my excuses, once I get out there and do it, I am happy with myself when I'm done. Gayle


Wow, congratulations on your 5K! I'm thinking I might do one of those at some point. I did one last year (santa fun run) and probably mostly walked it lol. It is nice seeing everyone doing it with you though, I think. More inspiring.


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