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Anyone good with knees out there?

I'm 54 and have been doing C25K since April. It's taken me so long because of hurting a muscle in my backside (sorry!) and then family illness.

My right knee for some years occasionally makes going up and down stairs difficult. It sort of objects to me putting my weight on it whilst climbing up the stairs. No swelling, no pain at the back or the front, just sometimes make me wince if I kneel awkwardly on the R side of the knee. It doesn't feel like I would imagine arthritis to feel like. However, then it all goes away and I forget about it. I had just decided that the running must have fixed it when it started again 24 hours after run3 of wk8. I'm so desperate to graduate as I felt finishing was now within my grasp.

Completed run1 of wk 9 today (Hurrah!) and it felt ok to run on although very slightly tight over the front of the knee by about 25minutes. I'm sure that I should go and wave it at someone but it will take ages to get an appointment and I want to finish this and I want to carry on with the next set of podcasts. Am I being foolhardy?

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Hi! I get aches and pains in my left knee sometimes; but find it is not enough to stop me running; I have abused my knees by being severely overweight for years so expect them to give me a bit of gip! However before I started c25k (and losing weight) I was having problems with them even just trying to get up from chairs/toilet etc especially when the weather changed to damp/cold - that has stopped now I weigh 3st 7lbs less!

If I had a sudden severe pain or felt something different to my normal aches I would get it seen though; as I would hate to not be able to run now!

Good luck with your graduation runs! :-)


Hi, I've suffered with a bad left knee since I was 20. I'm now 46. I do a lot of hill walking and cycling, usually with heavily strapped knees. After my annual cycling holiday this year I was in so much pain with my knee that I finally gave in and found a physio. She worked wonders on my knee, told me to carry on running, and after 6 sessions its like I have a new knee. I still have niggles, but I also have exercises to do. Also, because I know why the pain happens - dodgy kneecap - I find that strapping normal Elastoplast fabric strapping around the kneecap before my run, really helps. I hope you find a way to deal with it..... :)


I had awful knees until I lost three stone, same as Poppy (I'm nearly 64). I make sure that I do some knee bends (bringing my knees up to my chest) whilst I'm doing the warm-up walk and they behave themselves and don't give me any trouble at all.


check out the "knee exercises for runners" article on the NHS Livewell site as well. But really if it feels different, or worse, I'd make an appointment to get it checked.


I have had dodgy knees for year from too much long and tripple jump training in my younger days. My first line of defence in a Vulkan knee support; if that isn't sufficient, then a physio appointment is called for. I went along for a few sessions, and I have had no real knee problems since.

Also, and this is one I hope you have already done, is to get a gait analysis*done, and the right shoes fitted. This can make so much difference.

My doctor suggested cycling too. This is good exercise for them and doesn't put the same level of strain on them.

Finally, what surface do you run on? Is it a hard road? And if it is, try finding a park or similar where you can run on grass.

* Any good running shop (including good old Sweat Shop) can do this, but try and avoid busy times of the day!

Good luck, and happy running.

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a second recommendation to see someone and ask if physiotherapy is a good idea... I had serious knee issues a couple of years ago (my kneecaps migrated out of place) and physio gave me nearly immediate relief and eventually got me pain free (and pulled my kneecaps back to where they were supposed to be, without surgery)... your mileage may vary, of course, but make an appt even if it will take a long time to get one

all that said, if running doesn't make your pain noticeably worse, I suspect you are okay to keep running... maybe buy an over-the-counter knee support because although it may not help, it might, and it certainly won't hurt


Thank you so much, everyone! I've just heard of a local physio who is highly recommended so think I will try and get to see him and bypass the GP. Also will look up the C25K knee exercises and if feeling brave enough might take up suggestion to go for a gait analysis depending on what the phsio says.

Sallycycle, I run on tarmac usually as paths near me are just countryside verges and I find them hard going as they are so irregular.

Glad to hear lots of people manage to run even thoough their knees sometimes play up.

Thanks again!!!


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